Friday, June 28, 2019

Cape Charles, Virginia

Mary and I each had something on our calendar this morning, I needed a haircut and my bride did the pedicure thing. Once the scheduled tasks were completed we gave some thought as to what we wanted to do with the beautiful sunny day we were faced with. The decision was a travel day, a road trip, time to explore more of our surroundings. 
The destination of choice, Cape Charles, Virginia. Cape Charles is located on the Delmarva peninsula and is surrounded by water on three sides. The town is situated directly on the Chesapeake Bay, bordered by King's Creek to the north and Old Plantation Creek to the south. 
After some quick planning the drive time worked out to just under two hours, not too bad. Mary and I each filled our water bottles and took off in the SUV. I could have pulled the plane out and flew to Accomack (KMFV),then rented a car for a thirty five minute drive. Unfortunately, it was too hot and not worth the extra money to drive a rental for the day.
Mary and I enjoyed the ride south, noting places we had previously visited in our travels. We made good time and there wasn't much traffic on Route 113. As we drove into town we were impressed by the beautiful Victorian homes we were passing, noting how well cared for and maintained they were kept.
Parking was easy as we quickly backed into a spot on Mason street, just a short walk from our selected establishment for lunch.  Our choice this afternoon, Kelly's Gingernut Pub, a fun atmosphere with excellent service and food. Mary and I each had the Bangers and Mash; two Irish Banger sausages served with a plate full off mashed potatoes, the vegetable of the day, and Jameson gravy. Yummy!
The food was excellent and there was plenty of it for us to enjoy. Following lunch, I passed on getting an ice cream despite us walking through the out door benches, loaded with kids licking their cones and wearing their flavors on their happy little faces. Oh so tempting.
We walked into the Mason Avenue Furniture Exchange shop.  A lovely place that is well kept with a very good selection of furniture, paintings and much more. The owner was a delight, so friendly and providing history on the pieces we looked at. Yes, Mary found a table she would like to replace our dining room furniture.
Together with my bride we strolled along, enjoying the beautiful day, each other's company and once again the ability to explore new places.
We passed a few signs while making our way to Cape Charles, they were advertising the Historic Palace Theatre. 

From the web page, Arts Enter Story

The Palace Theatre is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It was designed by a German architect, Alfred M. Lublin and was built in 1941 as a movie house.

In its day, the Palace Theatre was considered one of the finest theatres on the east coast and held 380 orchestra level seats as well as fifty balcony seats. At this time, Cape Charles was a prosperous railroad town. The terrazzo floors, walnut paneling, and foyer mirrors give way to the entrance of this vintage treasure, a most exclusive and elegant appeal.

The Palace Theatre is the only existing Historic Theatre on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The most distinguishing feature of this structure is the artwork gracing the walls: two hand-painted murals that represent the essence of the Art Deco Period. The murals are 7’ x 30’ and were commissioned works of a New York artist.

On July 7, 1998 Arts Enter became the new owners of the theatre, which opened the possibility to centralize both the Visual and Performing Arts under one roof. This center for the arts is now a hive of culture, entertainment and instruction.  
We completed the north side of Mason street then crossed and worked the south side, making our way back to our wheels. We did make a stop at the bakery to secure munchies for the ride home. Four oatmeal raisin cookies that were very good. No heavy sugar taste, just oatmeal and huge raisins, very tasty.
I enjoyed a great day exploring with my bride. It was fun to pick a spot on the map, and just go. Mary and I are looking forward to exploring new destinations with our plane and even some by ground. Thanks for riding along!

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