Sunday, June 09, 2019

Flying The Aspen 1000 PFD
The biggest adjustment for me in our Commander is the use of the Aspen 1000 PFD. Progress is coming along, and I think I'll be fine as I log more hours. I think the hardest adjustment has been the Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI). It's contained on the HSI screen with a digital readout and a bar graph.
The steam gauge provided climb or descent trends in a clear and large format, maybe just easier on my eyes, or what I have come to know since I started flying.
After I shoot more approaches I'm sure I will settle in and feel at home. It's all about getting comfortable, and that will take some time.

I have searched the internet and found some helpful videos on the Aspen. I think the best out there is provided by Marauder92V.
Chris provides an easy to follow walk through of the set up and in flight use. Now I need to catch up with him and learn the tips and tricks to make my transition a bit easier.
I also found a very good pictorial of the Aspen 1000 produced by Douglas Fortnam for the Penn Yan Flying Club.
Once the Ocean City Air Show is complete I'll get back in the air to knock out my five solo hours and then hook up with Mike B for some additional approaches and buttonology.

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