Tuesday, June 18, 2019

YouTube Thoughts

A forum I frequent had an interesting post, "YouTube Guys".

The OP said he used to like watching the YouTubers, however, he noticed that what used to be interesting content has turned into a commercial.

It raises an interesting point, at least in my mind. Do you readers, or viewers, mind advertisements?  I personally do not like the ads on YouTube, but I get why the creator does.  So many have turned into trying to make a buck, selling sunglasses, clothes and whatever else they come up with. Then there is Patreon.  What do you think of Patreon? Do you contribute?

What are your favorite YouTube Channels?

Here are a few of mine:

Frank Holbert
Our Wyoming Life
Rodeo Video
Sail Life
Martin Pauly
310 Pilot



Chris said...

I'll be honest, I often don't feel like I have the time to sit and watch videos, particularly because so many of them are poorly edited (not throwing stones at you, Gary). At least with a written blog, I feel like I can read it quietly as part of my morning routine, then get on with my day.

I have enjoyed Matt Guthmiller's videos, particularly because they are so well-edited, but have noticed more product placement and pushing of Patreon from in his more recent videos. Advertisements and product placement takes away from my enjoyment of his work, but I still enjoy them enough to watch. I also realize that he spends a lot of time on his videos (it shows) and his time is clearly worth something, so I don't really begrudge him the desire to monetize his work.

Like you, I also enjoy 310 Pilot's videos (man, his recent video of flying with the Aeroshell Team was like a dream come true for me, what a cool experience). He has a much nicer airplane than I ever will; he seems like a cool, down-to-Earth kind of guy; and I enjoy the interactions between him and his wife plus the fact that they're both controllers. Great stuff.

I have also enjoyed some of FlightChops' videos. He also does a nice job editing and he's had some pretty enviable experiences that make the videos worth watching.

Gary said...

I could always do better with my editing. I spent six to eight hours when I did the two training videos, it can be exhausting. I really enjoy the written blog post, it saves our memories and provides good detail when I need specific info. Being retired I have plenty of time for videos, however I still don’t like ads. I do follow many more flying and sailing channels with ranching/rodeo gaining more time.

Like you, and others I correspond with, most folks enjoy reading about the adventures. I will continue both.