Sunday, June 02, 2019

GNS 480 Approaches

The GNS 480 contains all published approaches which is easily added with the PROC button.
We will fly a quick hop back to Ocean City, - KOXB, from Wilmington - KILG. We soon copy our clearance and without delay are rolling for take off and climbing out for home.
Wilmington tower hands us off to Philly Departure and they in turn hand us off to Dover Approach. Dover sometimes reroutes towards Salisbury KSBY, but  since I'm playing all the parts in this scenario we'll stay with Dover and keep pointed to OXB.
After I report I have the weather at Ocean City, Dover tells us to expect the RNAV GPS 14 approach. Again, normally I'm handed off to Patuxent approach, but, my game my rules, Dover will take us home.
Ok, let's set this up in advance and review the Approach plate. By clicking on the PROC button we view the screen that provides destination with arrival or approach choices.
Selecting Approach the next screen provides multiple choices; GPS,ILS, LOC, VOR and NDB. Now the data is from 2004 so the IF UDMEW is now PFAIR. I click on MENU/ENTER to have the approach loaded but not active at this point.

Dover directs us to proceed direct UDMEW (PFAIR) cleared for the GPS 14 approach into Ocean City, Cancel in the air with us or on the ground, copy phone number blah...blah...blah.
Now that we are cleared for the approach we'll go back into the FPL, click on EXEC then CRSR to select UDMEW then click on the direct button.
The next screen gives multiple choices once again. This time select Direct in the box and that will have us fly to UDMEW (PFAIR).
As  we approach UDMEW you can see the PT already plotted. Do to the entry it will be a left turn to a course of 145 on to LANDY the FAF.
I will create another scenario that requires a PT for the approach and show what that requires with regard to the Suspend button - SUSP.

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