Thursday, May 30, 2019

GNS 480 Procedures

For todays flight we will enter Ocean City to Wilmington, KOXB ENO KILG.  Procedures are stored in the 480 and can be added to your enroute plan. There are two ways to attack this; the first is with the line keys while in the EDIT or create mode of flight plan or with the PROC button.
Since the 480 sim data base is from 2004 it will not show the Cedar Lake Nine arrival into ILG, instead the old version is the VCN8.
Why am I adding all this? I like to role play ATC, it helps me learn the unit and buttonology needed to fly it.
So let's set up the scenario. I depart KOXB and I am flying a 270° heading as required on departure. This lets Patuxent ID me and then they will turn me on course.  We'll assume we are flying along fat dumb and happy, direct ENO and eventually handed off to Dover approach. Dover is the controlling ATC between Ocean City and Wilmington.

When we check in with Dover they direct me to fly the Cedar Lake Nine Arrival or for continuity with the old data base, the VCN8 Arrival, direct Sea Isle, SIE. Click on the PROC button (pic above) and there will be multiple choices available (pic below).
Select Arrival, and with the CRSR button select the VCN8 and SWL fix. From the KILG arrivals pictured earlier, you can see it has all the waypoints needed. Click on MENU/ENTER. Next click on EXEC and then XPAND to view the waypoints (pic below).
Use the CRSR to scroll down to select SIE and click on the Direct (boxed) button. You will now see the magenta course arrow noting you are direct SIE (pic below).
Once completed I select MAP and confirm I am on course to SIE. 

If ATC amends the arrival route once again, and decides to turn you direct Cedar Lake, VCN, just follow the same procedure
Click on the Direct button, cursor to VCN then hit the Direct (boxed) and EXEC.  Go back to Map and enjoy the view, sequencing will resume along the remaining legs.

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