Tuesday, May 28, 2019

AirDorrin Visits Ocean City

My friend and fellow pilot Frank D visited Ocean City today. Frank flew his beautiful 1967 Twin Comanche down from Wilmington (KILG) to visit, and check out our new to us 76' Commander 112A.

We spent some time sitting in 3 Tango Charlie talking Avionics and our returns to flying. If you follow Franks blog, AirDorrin, you will know his plane was in for service for quite a long time. Frank knows exactly the struggle I am having, wanting to get back in the air, yet patience to do it safely and slowly.

We had a good discussion about personal minimums and how they have changed with all my down time. Great topics that I need to address as I move back into the left seat.

We talked engines and overhauls, shops and new power plants vs field overhauls, first time runs vs multiple rebuilds. All very good things to think about.

We took a break for lunch at the Green Turtle then headed back to the airport so Frank could get he and his plane home. I captured a short video of his start up, taxi and departure. The winds were brutal so we'll miss some engine sounds.  Enjoy!


PABonanza81R said...

I wish I was a fly on that wall listening to the discussion.

Gary said...

lol...The me and patience part cut the most. Frank and I have both been through it. Great topics and conversation to help keep my brain in the flying game. I'm thankful for the pilot friends I can talk to, vent, and learn from.