Friday, May 10, 2019

Vlog Update 5/10/2019

My Trackform bracket came in the mail yesterday so today was test fit day.  I loaded up the Ziva girl and was off for the hangar.  

First it was play time.  Ziva ran up and down the north fence line then played fetch for just a few throws.  She was done in and ready for some cold water I keep in the mini fridge.
I had two visitors, John the lineman and Chet my hangar neighbor.  John played with Ziva, she loves John, then he checked out the new plane. John said he is looking forward to a ride when I get checked out.

Chet and I talked video equipment and touch up paints. Chet is getting ready to head to the Bahamas, I'm so jealous. I said to Chet, I would stop by his hangar when I finished mounting the new bracket and giving it a test run.  With that, he was back in his truck and heading to the B hangars. 
I got busy setting up the mount and hooking up the video and audio cable. I did notice that there needs to be an additional spacer for the opposite side headrest post to keep it level and secure. I plan on cutting a one inch PVC conduit, and putting it back together with the wide roll of electrical tape. It will be neat and clean, and provide the balance of support for the headrest. I am also going to secure the audio cables to keep it from free wheeling around behind the seat.
I also wanted to try my new Crazed Pilot Headset.  It seemed to work just fine but I will need to get comfortable with its over the ear wires.
Please post any comments or questions you may have on the Tackform bracket, Crazed Pilot headset or Video hook up.

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