Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hangar Time

Today, Ziva got us going pretty early.  By the time Mary and I were enjoying our first cups of coffee and tea, Ziva was ready to go.

It was a long day for all of us on Saturday with the neighborhood yard sale.  Ziva spent some time outside with us but we both thought it was getting too warm for her on the driveway, even with her blanket.

So, today we decided we would take our baby girl out for some play time. We headed to the airport so she could turn it loose, and she did.  Not much for chasing the ball today, I think she tired herself just ripping back and forth along the fence lines.

Once she was worn out we gave her ramp a second try and she did just fine. It's a royal PITA hauling the ramp so I'm not sure if we will use it or revert back to helping her in the back of our SUV.

Once we were all loaded up I noticed one plane waiting to enter runway one-four. I quickly checked the weather Application for current METARs. It was not looking good.
My personal minimums are at least seven to eight hundred feet depending on the surrounding terrain. To each their own, that's why they are personal minimums. I did go check on FlightAware if the aircraft at least filed an instrument flight plan, they did not, or at least they didn't open it on the ground.  

Transition training update...

The CFII in Doylestown just returned from California and he is going to call this evening and schedule my training.

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