Monday, March 30, 2020

Flight Plans Commander Fly-In

The Commander Owners Group posted the dates and location for their Annual Fly-In event.  Mary and I will be planning to attend in September.  The location is French Lick, Indiana.  Wait, what....where is that location?  You read it just fine. Accommodations are set up for the French Lick Springs Resort, and it looks pretty spiffy.
Our plan is to fly out in one day, maybe even non-stop depending on the winds. Most likely we will make a one stop fuel/bathroom break and go. Looking over the Foreflight planning, a midway stop would be close to Charleston, WV., at the Yeager Airport.  There is plenty of runway and approaches if needed. Capitol Jet Center will be the FBO of choice, although I don't remember it under that name on our last visit.

Following our fuel and go at CRW we'll saddle up for the last leg, maybe a two and a half hour hop. French Lick Municipal will be a new airport for us and it will serve as the fly-in home base of operations. 

I'm excited to meet up with fellow Commander owners and hopefully they will have some sort of maintenance clinics. There is still so much to learn about our Commander. 

I hope to follow up with some additional info on possible clinics and a bit more in depth review of the Resort dubbed "The Midwest's Premier Resort Destination". Exactly what is there to do in French Lick, Indiana???

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