Sunday, March 01, 2020

POA and My Return to Katie's

Am I a glutton for punishment?

A few pilots that frequent Pilots of America forum decided to meet up at Katie's, located at the Cambridge Airport.  Yes, the same place we met for the BAC Fly-in, and had long wait times for seating and food. See my previous blog post. 

My day started as usual, feeding the Ziva princess then watching her go back to bed while I updated my banking and then flight prep.  3 Tango Charlie is plugged in, getting her oil and cylinders warm and toasty since noon on Saturday. The temps here in Ocean City this morning are stuck in the mid thirties.  

011053Z AUTO 30004KT 10SM CLR M03/M10 A3023 

The NOTAM search provided procedure notes for both airports and added obstruction  notes for OXB due to construction cranes. 

The weather is looking perfect all day with winds favoring runway three-two at OXB and three-four at Cambridge.
I took on twenty-two gallons of fuel yesterday bringing my total on board 3 Tango Charlie to fifty. I also did my preflight with the remaining item of sumping fuel left for this morning. As an avionics note I updated the JPI fuel selection without an issue, having added a flow chart to my checklist booklet. I just kept hitting the wrong sequence of buttons, which drove me nuts.
I was ready to go and taxied for runway three-two here at the home base, OXB. The flight west to Cambridge was thirty minutes in a constant head wind. Those winds better be there for my tail wind flight home. 
There was plenty of activity around Salisbury KSBY this morning.  I stayed on the north side of their airspace and continued on for Cambridge. 
I made my way into Cambridge by circling to the south and entering an extended down wind for runway three-four. I think I was third to land.
George from POA landed shortly after I did and we met up inside the terminal. We were quickly seated and our order taken.  Nothing like last week. The food and conversation was very good. George belongs to a club and flys a Cessna 182 when hauling the family around.  His 1950 Cessna 140 that he owns and flew today is a real head turner.
After lunch we headed out to check out both of our rides. George needed to take on some fuel and I had planned to make the hop to Delaware Coastal to meet up with Charles G. After I got the fan turning I sent Charles a text to let him know I was taking off, but he was still with a client. I decided to head straight for home base and be done with the bumpy rides for the day. 
The return trip was much like the west bound leg.  This time I enjoyed the tail winds and pulled the power back for a quiet bumpy ride. 
 There was one aircraft that landed and another heading north up the coast so I had the airport to myself. I made a nice landing and taxied clear, happy to be on the ground and done with the rodeo ride. 

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