Saturday, March 28, 2020

VLog Update 3/28/2020

Mary and I are trying to maintain the appropriate social distance from others and still have some fun. I went out to the hangar Thursday to go through some boxes that have been stored since we retired here in Ocean City. I was looking for my yoke and pedals for flight sim, I must have sold them. I didn't feel like dragging the plane out or putting it away so I did not fly.

On Friday, Mary and took our American Mastiff to the airport for some fun play time. We actually gave some thought to flying and taking the beast with us. 
Instead we decided on a take out lunch from Five Guys, then parking at the Ocean City Inlet in our SUV.

We hope to be flying soon, even if we have to bring chairs with us, order take out, and eat on the ramp next to our plane.

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