Saturday, March 07, 2020

First Trip, Early Summer

With Mary's recent doctor visit confirming she will not need surgery for her neck and back, we have decided to get back in the air. Barring any issues during our April annual we will finally get back to traveling on our magic carpet. 
The heart of the plan is to attend the Bonfire event out in Olathe, Kansas.  We have missed the last few years and really want to get back to visiting our friends from the flying world.

Day one we will make a fuel stop in the Asheville, NC area then push on to Memphis. We should arrive early enough to enjoy a good part of the afternoon and evening exploring. 
Day two will be more exploration and maybe even a visit to the Kings home, Graceland. Of course we will have to sample good eats along the way. The plan for departure will be in the afternoon with a short few hour hop to Olathe, KS. Here we will get settled in for a two night stay and secure a rental car for attending the Bonfire event. 
Mackinac Island HarborPhoto: Alamy
Day four will present us with multiple choices. The plan for now is to head north for Mackinac Island, MI. Mary and I could just as easily do the southern spin for another visit to Waco, TX, a four hour flight. Weather and temps will also play a critical role in deciding if we fly north or south. 

For planning sake we will keep Mackinac on the map. If we do head north we will try to catch up with my friend and fellow pilot Jeff and his family for a short visit before continuing north. 

Day five will be spent enjoying and exploring the Island. We may even add an extra day on this stop. 

The final leg will be the return home. There will be one or two fuel stops along the way as we head south east, through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and back to our home state of Maryland. 

The Southern Spin...

The southern spin would take us to (27K) Paris, KY as our first overnight stop.  Paris Kentucky???  Yep,  one of my bucket list items is to visit Claiborne Farms and the final resting place of the greatest horse of all time, Secretariat. 
Following the overnight we would head out to the Bonfire event in Olathe, KS. After a fun time spent with friends at the bonfire, we would head to Waco Texas for a day or two of tours and good eats at Magnolia Market. With home calling and missing our Ziva girl we would push for home. There would be one more overnight stop in Memphis to visit Graceland and then finally back to the beach.

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