Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Flight Plan to Bar Harbor Maine

Mary and I have been discussing some destinations we would like to explore. Of course we have our bucket list destinations, and we both hope to cross a few off before the new year.  One of the short flight destinations is Bar Harbor, Maine - KBHB

I started doing a more serious search for places to stay, FBO's, and hangar space.  I posted on the Pilots Of America and Pilots Place forums for suggestions.  I was happy to see a response from our friends Ted and Susan, who we have met up with many times in the past.

A free shuttle runs from the airport to the downtown area and the other parts of the island. Ivy Manor Inn (B&B) is classy and has character. Cocktails at Bar Harbor Inn are relaxing. Blueberry pancakes at Jordan’s are a must. It is a beautiful island.

So with the recommendation in hand I went on line and did some research. The Ivy Manor Inn is just that, an Inn, not a B&B. It is in walking distance to plenty of places to eat and explore deeper. The rooms look great and it's our kind of place to stay, when we can avoid the big chain hotels.
The FBO choice will be Columbia Air Service and the current 100 LL fuel price there is $5.32 a gallon, full service. No hangars were available at the time of my call, but, I will check again once we land.  Tie down fee is $10 a night. There is a courtesy car available, however, that really won't help us for a multiple night stay. There are also rental cars available and they can be ready and brought out to the ramp when we land with prior scheduling. 

Things to see and do...
  • Lobster; dinner, roll, lazy, maybe even the lobsta ice cream.
  • Whale watching tour
  • Stained glass window tour at St. Saviour's.
  • Foodie tour
  • Blueberry pancakes and popovers at Jordans.
  • Lunch with a view at the Terrace Grill.
  • Investigate any museums we find.
  • Sunset cruise.


Jim and Sandie said...

Now that sounds like a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures. Enjoy that lobster.

Gary said...


Will do! We need to get-away. I'm not sure what the flying version of hitch itch is but we got it. ;) You and Jim stay safe and enjoy the cooler temps.