Monday, May 08, 2023

My Squawk List

Annual 2021

With annual just a couple of weeks away I am fine tuning my squawk list of items I want addressed. Lets get right to that list.

Commander N453TC Squawk List 

  1. IFR CERT (Needs to be scheduled)
  2. WING ROOT SEAL (I have wing root seal – 25ft silicone product)
  3. MP/FF GAUGE CLEAN/REPLACE  (I have replacement gauge if original snubber valve doesn’t clean up)
  4. PAINT BOTTOM COWL  (I have paint for cowl)
  5. AUDIO ALERTS ASPEN  (do not hear any alert tones)
  6. HARD WIRE USB POWER POINTS  (I would like two (2) additional USB power points installed)

(1)The IFR Cert can be done at the shop if they have their equipment back in time, if not, I'll schedule FlyAdvanced Avionics to come up and get it done. 

(2) I purchased 25 feet of wing root seal from aircraft spruce. It's a new material, silicone, and it's supposed to be easier to install. We shall see. The silicone seal is 3/16" wider then the typical overlap section which should provide better coverage.

(3) Manifold Pressure/Fuel Flow gauge. I had some trouble with this gauge back in August of 2019 and had the guys at Cecil aero removed it, cleaned the oil clogged snubber valve, tested it, and reinstalled. I've had no issues until recently.  Just in case I purchased another gauge that was working when removed from another Commander owner/pilot. I gave some thought to going digital but I rather not spend an additional $1500.
(4) The bottom cowl needs to be painted to fix the chip that came off during 3 Tango Charlie's last spa day. The shop spray booth is pretty busy but I hope they can work me in while in annual. I do have all three colors for the repaint that I chased down after purchasing the plane.

(5) I want to get the audio alerts working on my Aspen and Autopilot. Currently my minimums blink and change color, and my auto pilot disconnect does nothing to alert me. We'll see what can be done.

(6) Additional USB power points. I would like two additional power points installed. One on the top panel, above my audio panel, next to my bluetooth device, and the other on the top of my glare shield that stays intact, closer to the windscreen. Obviously one to power the bluetooth Taotronics device so I don't have to recharge and the other to power my video cameras for front view and crew cam.

That should wrap up my wish list, we shall see how they all play out during annual. I'll be attending the annual but as far as taking part I think I'm past those days of crawling around.

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