Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Feet with the program

A taste of summer returns for my landings today. We saddle up for a round of T&G's in N5219J and head out on Runway 28. Dave spares me the cross wind landings today as we head over to Woodbine 1N4. I fly across mid field and turn right to circle and enter at a 45 for down wind runway 19. I find my self cutting the base on to final short which makes for corrections and set up for landing a bit quicker pace. Round one in the book with better rudder control but a allowing airspeed to drop a bit to much, requiring a touch of power so I don't fall in the tress. Grrrrrrrr.....the feet finally are on board and my airspeed is off. Round 2 - 4 follow pretty much the same with rudder corrections better and airspeed a problem. I'm making a mental note landing with 30 degree flaps. Time flys by as we head back to Millville for a full stop landing. I enter left base for runway 28 after giving myself plenty of room from base to final. Plenty of time to set up for landing, airspeed good (finally) rate of decent good and Alt looking good. I come over the numbers....rudder controls gentle........airspeed to low....power...power....smooth and touchdown. We taxi back to tie down and call it a day. As I clean out my belongings and tie
219J down I feel frustrated with my lack of progress. I'll be back at it Thursday if the weather permits if not saturday. I need to ace this landing stuff. I want to take off...fly a great pattern (without creeping in) and just line up and set her down. Maybe I need to stop thinking so much,and just let it happen. I keep asking myself is it me or do other students go through this too? I hope thursday is a better day.

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