Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Review time (turns)

A fantastic day today, low 80's, no humidity, blue sky with a few clouds here and there just to give some perception of depth. I preflight 5219J and saddle up for what I think will be another round of T&G's. After listening to the weather and setting appropriate instruments I begin a taxi to R/W 10. Upon completion of my run up with all systems "go" I advise Millville traffic of my intentions. A smooth take off brings a "good job" from my CFI followed by "lets head out
to the practice area for some review". I climb out to 600 and turn out right to the south for some medium and steep banked turns. I seemed to drop about 70 to 100 feet during my first steep bank right 360 degree turn and roll out a bit late. What was that rule....roll out 50% of your bank angle early to hit your heading?? Lets see, 45 degree bank should be 22 or so, lets make it 25 degrees and work with that. After a series of left and right 360's my steep bank turns are back in good form. On to medium bank turns and slow flight work. After so many rounds of T&G's slow flight seems like s l o w m o t i o n. This review lesson also covered approach and departure stalls.

Where did the time go? I take a heading up for Millville which is clear to see at my 11 o' clock and enjoy the flight back. Off to my 10 I see a bright shinney object, thinking it was an aircraft at first I call it out to Dave and ask why theses people don't use radios. Dave makes contact and says we'll track it then gives a lil laugh. He said sure does look like he's not moving......it's the sun reflecting causing that bright glare. LOL....well that was a first for me, I've never seen anything like that nor did I expect it that far away. Dave informed me that the Borgota in Atlantic city can get really bad at times causing the same glare.

I report Millville traffic.....Cessna 5219J crossing midfield mid field at 1500 RW 10-28 Millville traffic. I check the wind sock off to my left and its looking like runway 10 is the ticket. I guess it will have to be since my lighting contract just NOTAM'ed 14-32 out for the next 3 weeks. Ok now entering downwind and announcing to millville traffic. checking my position I am squared up nicely (no creeping in) as I am abeam the numbers I reduce power and add a notch of flaps and checking left while announcing position I turn left base. Position looking good, adding flaps to 20 degrees I call out my position as I turn final. Oh lined up nice..... speed good, rate of decent good, power off and then I make the mistake of taking my hand off the power and put it on the yoke. ....catching myself I reach over and confirm with a glance taking my eyes off my point of reference down the runway. Oh but it was just a "quick" look for the control......I look back up and that fast I am off center and now adding back pressure to keep my point of reference in my minds eye from moving all over the windscreen. Adding left rudder (back to the feet of bricks) i over correct and come back with right rudder. "It ain't pretty" as the saying goes but I made the best of it with a tad of side load 5219J rolls out to the first taxiway. I call down and clear then go through and complete the after landing check list. As we begin to taxi to the tie down we review my landing. As I figured mistake number one which caused things to "snowball" was removing my hand from the power, that started it all in motion. And in order to recover I went back to the feet of bricks (my term) Dave is way patient and professional to bust my chops that bad. He explains about following the same procedures looking for the same view, seeing the same picture every time, that consistent makes better. Good news is that I did well on the take home test.

Next lesson is saturday, weather is looking really nice and I am taking my bride with me for a day of breakfast out at the airport, she will watch the T&G's and the rest of the day antique shopping. We are even taking the ol' gal (my 81 corvette) out for the day. This serves a few needs.....one, to get the car out and put a few miles on it, two, can't fit many antiques in it (lol).

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