Thursday, September 01, 2005

The "take home" solo written

Finally a nice day !! I can't wait to fly today. I must have checked the METAR at least 20 times. I walk into Big Sky and the aircraft I fly is out on a XC with a student. I decide to wait for a few minutes then decide to fly top of the line 2004 172s, N346BS. Ok new headset in hand (DC 13.4S) clipboard and keys I'm off to preflight. Preflight complete and getting ready to saddle up I see 5219J turning to the apron and maneuvering to a tie down next to me. Dave asks what I would like to fly and I said I preflighted this bird so that's what I am flying, if he was ok with that (of course). He was so we taxi out. Instructions today are to takeoff and maintain runway heading to pattern ALT the turnout South to the practice area to get familiar with 46BS. Ok run up complete, this birds got some pep ! Millville Traffic.....Cessna 346BS departing 28 millville traffic. Full throttle, right rudder we're off. A quick climb out to 1000 MSL followed by a turn out to the South for the practice area. I work on medium bank turns and a few shallow turns. Dave inquires if I am ready for pattern work in BS, well heck yeah !! Ok, I gave him a yes lets have at it but I felt the Hell yes inside! I turn to MIV and set up for a 45 entry to the downwind for 28. I feel loose, I made at least 100 landings in my mind since my last lesson, talking and going through the motions. I am thinking, calm, gentle....don't break the eggs on the rudder controls. Dave takes the radio work so I can concentrate on my landings, I think next week I want to get back to all the radio work too. Ok turning final and looking good.....speed 70 knts, rate of decent 500 and ALT is just falling to 700. Slight wing dip right for the cross wind with a gentle left rudder, cross wind pushing me to center line very nice. Power already off over the numbers now....looking down the runway...holding off.....holding.... right main down......left main down...bleeding off speed....stall horn.......gentle touch down with the nose wheel!!!!! Yeah! that's what I'm talking that felt great. No time to celebrate...flaps up full throttle and off again as I pass through 70 knts.

The remaining 4 touch and go's went very well. NO frustration today. My pattern work is starting to be consistent and alignment for final is looking better. Today I just kept thinking gentle...light grip.....see it my minds eye it was perfect....follow Dave's it really seemed more controlled, more stable It reminds me of riding horses. If you invision yourself taking jumps or working horses into a pen your body seems to take on the correct position and send the correct signals to the horse. I've reached the conclusion that landings take on some of the same rules. If you invision it in your minds eye your body follows what you've learned with out all that thinking. :) Hmmmmm...maybe that light just came on ! I must have done something right, Dave handed me the take home solo written.

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