Thursday, December 08, 2005

Accomplishments and Memories.....

The best lesson to far! Got in early to pre-flight so we could be ready to go around 8am. The temps were low overnight and there was a bit of "frost on the pumpkin" so to speak. Prior to start up we pushed 46C so that the sun could shine directly on the tail and wings. After a light cleaning of the windshield (thanks to my AOPA membership card)we saddled up for today's fun.

All systems go and checklists completed we taxi out to the run up area and complete my final checks before take off. There is one aircraft entering the pattern on a few mile 45* for downwind 27 so I give it one last check for fuel, trim, mixture and flaps and roll out while announcing "Brandywine traffic, Cessna 2746C departing on runway 27 remaining in the pattern, Brandywine". We're off and making a slight turn for noise abatement. Today's lessons were on the T&G's with emphasis on the flairs. Well today it all finally clicked, that's right I can pat my head and rub my tummy, ok well maybe that's a stretch but you get the picture. Four landings as smooth as could be with only one with a slight flair a bit to high but a sweet recovery and realignment back on centerline to set 46C down very gentle. I think my CFI was very pleased, heck I was thrilled!

We taxied back and my CFI said I was ready. I need to supply some info (birth certificate) and go over a checklist of the lessons and then it's time! I am up again Sunday morning if the weather holds off. It looks like solo time and then a flight to Reading for the start of XC work.

Today is one of those days I will never forget. I wish my Dad was here to see me, I know he would have been proud. Today also helps put a new light on my birthday, back in 97 my Pop had a stroke on my birthday while here celebrating, which started the ball rolling downhill with him passing only four months later. I haven't enjoyed a birthday since. I now look forward with his memory tucked away and also with a new excitement for the next chapters to come. Mary, my lovely bride took me out for breakfast after flying today. After ordering, she handed me a card along with a beautiful crystal airplane to commemorate today's flight on my birthday. I am a lucky man! Mary if your reading this....I LOVE you Hotty !


Anonymous said...

Re-reading your blog, great post.

Charlie. N57 1-10-14

Gary said...

Thanks Charlie. Good memories. That crystal airplane is on my desk and I look at it every day.

I'm sitting here tonight in the ER with Mary getting an infusion treatment for a migraine that has lasted for days.

I hope to get 08Romei flying on Sunday, maybe an OCMD run to start the airport car.