Thursday, December 22, 2005

Commit them to memory...

Today was a fun lesson, learning and working with something new yet hoping to never have to use the knowledge. Kind of strange huh? That's right, today was control surface failures and a few rounds of emergency procedures for engine failures in pattern and while in, to and from the practice area.

Control surface failures started with the loss of elevator control which had me flying by trim wheel and power to control the pitch of the aircraft. Interesting concept, makes for busy times to this student. Talk about trimming right for landing with no elevator would be um...different to say the least. I thought I would have some float that's for sure, but proper approach speed and flaps as needed would get me there. We practice Aileron failures and practice controlling with the rudder, it felt sloppy and skiddish but I got the job done. Next failure was rudder and aileron and my CFI asks what do I do to turn now. Without hesitation I said (with hand motions) I would bless myself. Well after he laughs and said that's always good but.......opening the doors would lend to a slow and wide turning radius. I'm thinking that would scare the hell out of my passenger.....but then thinking if "I" blessed myself that might cause a pucker for the passenger too. Dang....just fly the airplane Gary!

Next on the list was a no flap situation. This tells me my speed is critical so get it right. I am in the pattern today and as I turn final my ALT looks great, rate of decent good but a bit to much speed. I pull back on power even more with a tad nose up to hit my 65-70 knts then make for my landing point. Looking good but airspeed moving to a tad bit high so I slip in and really nail a landing, man that boosts the confidence level. Not to enjoy that to long for the next time around I'm a bit fast and a tad high so I announce a go round and head back out. I get an atta a boy for making a good decision without hesitation.

All in all a fun day in the air. My CFI warned from here on out he will be on me for every detail and demand even more as we progress, stating that my checkride will demand as much or more from me too. I am up for the challenge, ok well at least I hope so! Yeah....I'm up for it.

As we taxi in my CFI asks if I feel I am ready. I tell him I feel comfortable in the pattern and confident. He says I don't want to kick you out of the nest if your not sure yourself. I reaffirm that if he feels I am ready, I do too. In my mind I am saying turn me loose mother goose!!!!!!!!! but I contain myself for sake of embarrassment.

I'll be reporting Monday morning after my 8am lesson.....It's going to be one hell of a long weekend waiting......but OH WHAT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT !!!!!!!!!!!

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