Saturday, December 16, 2006

Breakfast at Antino's (KMIV)

What a beautiful day! Mary and I decided to head out for breakfast at KMIV (Millville, NJ) and enjoy a nice clear crisp start to our day. I must say we have the ground work on Six Seven Niner down to a perfect routine, sort of like dancing with the not that dramatic but you get the picture. First things first, of course (who thought that saying up anyway?) Off comes the cockpit cover, cowl plugs and chock which Mary then folds and gets ready for storage in the baggage compartment. I am on my way through the pre-flight having called for fuel upon checking the tanks when we walked up to the gal.

Pre flight complete and the tanks topped off we climb aboard and buckle in. I flow through the checklists and dial in ILG's ATIS along with setting up comm 2 for ground and tower. Taxi instructions in hand we are off for run up and departure. "Clear for takeoff runway 9 with a South East departure Archer 679er" and we're off.

Quick flight today with winds 310 at 30 had us in Millville and at our table at Antino's in 30 minutes. Traffic was light at KMIV with everyone doing a nice job on the radio with announcing positions.

We each ordered the special, a quesadilla made up in a floured tortilla with scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, ham and cut sausage. WOW! good stuff!!! Excellent meal and service as always. Mary and I walk up the flight line and make a stop at Big Sky Aviation. We figured we would check out T shirts and sweat shirts as added Christmas gifts for us both. They didn't have my size and Mary said she would wait until the next trip. We chatted with the folks there and thanked them again for such a nice time last week into KESN (Easton, MD) and our shuttle ride to experience Christmas in St. Michaels.

Tummy's full we saddle up for home. No desire to travel around today instead we just wanted a change of pace for breakfast. Headwinds heading home as I depart runway 32 and head for KILG aiming just right or North of the Salem Cooling towers. A call to ILG announcing "28679er 15 miles South East with Sierra, 2800 level, for full stop". I get a straight in for runway 32, report mid river. That's about as easy as it gets! Feeling pretty good about breaking the 100 hour mark and on short final for landing, I set 679er down nice and smooth, holding it off I actually get back into the air and then add a touch of power to again settle back down smoothly. Very strange, that's a first but I'm sure not a last. Hmmmmm...can I count that as two?

Again the ground team does a fine job buttoning up and we are heading out to visit the in-laws. Great morning, 1.2 in the book and most important my flying fix is good for a few more days!

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Neil said...

Nice, Gary...

I made it to KGED, last minute style on Sunday morning for breakfast....Was quiet out there! But the food was good...