Sunday, May 25, 2008

IR Lesson 18 Hood Time

Wooo was my first fly time under the hood. I previously spent 20+ hours on the Elite RC-1 sim learning procedures and today I got the chance to try them out. I arrived at ILG around 5:45 to pre-flight and after climbing in and reviewing the GPS workings I called Wilmington Ground. It was 6:40 and I was taxing out to runway two seven at Mike. Peter was in the tower today so we chit chatted a bit and he commented on all the flying 679er was doing this weekend. The plane has been busy since Friday morning.

I was cleared to take off on two seven with right turn on course approved. I climbed out quickly to 2500' and tracked the Modena MXE VOR. I set up nav 2 for the 56* radial that would put me on the left down wind for two seven at Brandywine, KOQN. It was very quiet this morning, it seemed I had the sky to myself. I had gulped down a tall glass of ice tea before I left the house and skipped breakfast. I did have two bottles of water in the fridge but forgot them both, I knew something was missing when I reached for a cold drink of water.

I announced a 5 mile 45* for 27 and chugged along. As I entered the downwind I had to add a bit of throttle to maintain pattern altitude. The landmarks from all my PPL training were coming back to me, like an old path to home. I announced base and final then set up for the narrow runway (50' compared to 150 at ILG). I crossed the fence at 65 knots and I let 679er roll out saving brakes and letting her have her head. I turned off and taxied back to the terminal where Brian walked out to meet me. I shut down so we could chat about today's lesson and dig out the plates I would need.

The plan today was some ILS work at Chester County (MQS)and then to Wilmington (ILG). I climbed out of Brandywine then put the foggles on. I was vectored all over the place or so it seemed then a final vector to intercept the ILS, maintain 2500' until established. I had the localizer dialed in on nav 2 since the glide slope nav 1 is inop. Localizer alive, I turn on final course 293* and hold altitude until crossing the final approach fix MOSES. Crossing MOSES I start the timer looking for 3:20 until missed. I am now good to descend to 910'. At 1000' I am told to lift the foggles and there she is right where it's supposed to be, runway in sight! I go missed and make an early left turn out for traffic on the crosswind.

Direct to MXE is the command and hold. I track out at 160* climbing back to 2500'. I enter the hold in a tear drop crossing MXE and turning to 120* for 1 minute. Times up, I turn inbound to 329* and have a hard time with correcting for wind. I get on course as the timer clicks through 1:10 at station passage. Mental note I'll cut the outbound a bit shorter. As I turn back to the 149* outbound I correct on the wrong side and really struggle to get my bearings (head outta my butt). I'm back on course but run just 1 minute and turn for the inbound knowing I'll run over on the time as i pass the station. Here we go again another loop around the track. This time I am on course with the proper corrections and hitting the time. I'm vectored to the ILS once again. Much better intercepting and holding on the numbers.

Enough of Chester County, time to head to ILG. We break out the ILS RWY 1 plate and brief. I'm watching my distance and contact Wilmington to advise position and intentions, practice ILS 1 approach. I'm instructed to report HAYDIN inbound. I acknowledge. HADIN is the outter marker and it is an ADF. I dial it in and follow the pretty yellow needle to HADIN. Once across the station I make a right turn on a course of 195* out bound for 1 minute to make the procedure turn. As my timer clicks off I turn to a new heading of 050* so I can intercept the localizer heading of 015*. Localizer comes alive and I turn left to 015* and track my way in. I report inbound HADIN and am cleared for the option. The ADF needle flips and I am good to descend to 275' and timing for missed at 3:32. I wiggle back and forth a bit as I slow my scan to brief the missed one more time, I need to work on this multi tasking thing.

I make another round including holds and then head back to Brandywne. I set up for the VOR-A approach from MXE. Runway in use is niner so I stay with the flow. Cutting short my circle to land I enter on a right base. I am looking for helicopter traffic as soon as I remove the foggles but it takes a few for my eyes to adjust to the sun. I call your plane and hand it over to Brian as I put my shades on. Whew much better, my plane. I land ok and taxi out to shut down in front of the terminal. 3.3 hours flying time with 2.6 under the hood. My eyes are beat and my metal hip is talking to me. It's a short hop back to ILG where I tie 679er down and call for fuel. Dave is taking her out tonight so I didn't bother to cover. I did add a quart of oil and top the tanks of (20.3 gallons). That's it for now, I'm up again next Sunday at 8:30 for another 3 hour block.

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Rob said...

Fantastic Flying Gary! Sure was a great day to be out, especially that early in the morning. Sounds like a good lesson. I bet it was nice to use 679'r for the familiarity instead of the Sim, as well as the actual feel of being in the plane. Have a good Memorial Day.

Rob & Becky