Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wilkes-Barre Quick Ground Trip

Mary and I went out to Angel's for breakfast after my flying debacle, lesson. It was not fun today, I really was behind the sim plane struggling. Anywho, after morning eats we packed up the Maggie girl for a quick road trip. I ran with traffic for the most part around 70-75 and exited the turnpike in less then two hours.

We made a stop at our favorite flower place and picked up 5 geraniums and a really nice centerpiece for the dinner table tomorrow. Off to the cemetery to clean up the site and get the flowers planted. Mary walked the Maggie mutt around while I finished up grooming the mulch. We set sail for home and were back in 1 hour 45 minutes, it would have been sooner but local traffic was heavy from the turnpike to the house.

I really miss my folks, it's been 10 years that Dad passed the end of April and Mom will be gone 5 years this October. It seems like only a few months, I can't believe how time passed by so quickly. Normally we would fly into KWBW and rent a car but the wx didn't look good and honestly after my stinky lesson combined with the thought of my folks I just didn't think I should be in the cockpit today. Mary and i did have fun pointing out aircraft headed into KLOM and further up the PA turnpike the bigger boys and girls heading into Allentown KABE.

As we passed KOQN, Brandywine Airport on the way north, my old favorite C-172 N2746C came in low and slow on very short final, it did the heart good. 46 Charlie crossed almost over top of us as it aligned for the landing. Mary commented that it was pretty neat to see it from this view since she is so used to being the one looking down at the traffic. I'm to busy looking down the runway.......I miss all the good stuff.

Until next time Blue Skies!

P.S. Make sure you tell your Mom how important she is and how much you care!! It is Mothers day tomorrow!

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