Sunday, May 18, 2008


Saturday May 17, 2008 was the 4th annual KLOM Wings Fly-B-Q. This is an event put on by members of the Pilots Of America Forum. Adam Z is the master of ceremony's and is joined by a host of usual um....volunteers, that manage to pull off this great event every year. Thanks for all the pictures, our camera was dead battery status.

One of the benefits of the "Fly-B-Q" is the fantastic food. Smithfield foods provided the pork (Thanks Ed-pictured below) and it was perfectly prepared by Andrew Stanley. As you can see in the photo this is pre-pulled stage still in the smoker. There were plenty of the old reliables, hot dogs and hamburgers, which went pretty quickly too. There was potato salad and chips along with every fixin' that was required.

Mary and I spent the day catching up with friends from previous fly-in's and North East Flyer events. We also were fortunate to spend time with some of the new folks. The Pilots Of America (POA) forum really promotes the camaraderie between pilots with no limits by boundaries or flying status. I had a good time talking Instrument lessons and the "process" along with meeting forum and flying newbies.

Bob Ciotti's wife Dru and daughter Mackenzie did not attend but they had good reason with Dru's mom in town. It is noted that Mary harassed Bob to have his bride Dru set a date for our Maine trip. We shall see how that goes. It was nice to put a face with "Aunt Peggy" and her husband Don, who won the taxi contest, again! Mary and (JuggyJet) Ted's wife Susan hit it off and we hope to schedule some fly time with them real soon. Rob (Rob's Flying Adventure) brought his twin daughters in the morning and they were just to cute, Mary made sure they got the smiley face wristbands. Both girls were fascinated with the cricket that flew in, it was their size and looked like a toy.

After lunch some folks started to head out. We had a room reserved at the Holiday Inn and since I drove we didn't worry about an aircraft tie down or transportation to/from the sleep zone. After everything was cleaned up it was agreed that dinner would be around 8pm. That will work out well since we would have time to nap, shower and hit the Holiday Inn Lounge. Mary woke up around 5:30 and slowly got ready. I went in and of course got in her way trying to get myself ready.

Timing wasn't to bad since I had the chance to watch the Preakness horse race run. That Big Brown seems unbeatable, he just answers his jockey's call with a simple push of the hands on his neck and bursts a 3-5 length lead. I think he won by at least 8 lengths this day.

We caught up with Adam and Marisol for a drink and some munchies. As we made our way through the lobby Kent and Kate were just getting in from Wings. We gave them a heads up where we would be and for them to join us before Adam Z comes back to help shuttle us back for dinner at the Philadelphia Aviation Country Club (PACC).

We met out front at 7:30, Kent & Kate rode with Adam Z and Adam B and Marisol rode with us. Once again we are taking a different route to/from the airport. There was a very nice turn out and the PACC staff was really good. After drinks in the bar we got seated and decided on dinner. I'm guessing at the head count for dinner; seven at our table, Rob and Becky, Bob, Adam and Marisol, Mary and yours truly. I count four at the Stanley/Morrison table, and six at the Zucker, Shook and Anthony and bride round table. Choices for the evening were filet, chicken Marsala's and crab cakes. Mary ordered the crab cakes and I had the chicken Marsala, both were very good. The food, drink and conversation flowed on until ten or so.

We all finally made our way out to the patio wre it had started raining. We planned for the morning departures and breakfast of course followed with our goodbyes. I scooted over to the parking lot so I could bring the truck up to the patio and keep the ladies somewhat dry. Adam Z showed us the way back to the Holiday Inn (of course he took a different route), ok I think he did, it was dark and rainy so who knows.

With out a doubt once at the Inn we stood out front and did what all good pilots do, hangar fly. I finally headed up to bed, full tummy, somewhat tired and just wanting to catch some Zz's. Adam B and I agreed that whatever time they wanted to head to the airport Mary and I would take them. Adam called at 7am and said they would be ready by 7:30. I carried our bags to the SUV and re-positioned closer to the door so we could load quickly. I settled up the final bill with the desk then parked it out front on the bench to soak up some morning sun.

Once loaded up we headed to Wings making a stop at Dunkin' Donuts. Adam and Marisol treated for bagels and coffee and once again we saddled up for the airport. I have to tell this funny, as we sat to eat our bagels and drink coffee I had an orange juice. I reached for the juice, forgot that I already had taken the top off and began to give it a shake. yep, you guessed it, OJ all over me, my shirt and the table. I was told the look on my face was priceless, I'm thinking it was red covered in orange.

Adam finished his pre-flight and was ready to make his phone call to clearance delivery when we headed out. Adam Z came over to say goodbye, being the class act that he is. What a gracious host he and his wife are, so accommodating to everyone and just plain funny.

Some of the numbers on the day...between 45 and 50 aircraft with maybe 75 people attending, The FBO sold over 950 gallons of fuel and had to refill the fuel truck. As a result of the great turn out the Fly-B-Q was able to give donations to both Angel Flight East and Andrew Stanleys Pan Mass Challenge to support the Dana Farber Cancer Center.

Third weekend in May 2009........Count us in for 2!


AdamB said...


It was great to meet you and Mary.
Marisol and I truely enjoyed your company and look forward to staying in touch and meeting up at flyin events to come.

Thanks again for everything!

Adam and Marisol

Gary said...

Adam & Marisol,

Mary and I put June 21st on the calendar. We will be making the trip to Block Island. I'm not sure if we are spending the night or not, it will be decided based on the wx.

Steve said...

You're not too incredibly far away over in PA, maybe I'll be able to go to a fly-in over that way after I've got my PPL. Good goal for next year and a long x-c, right?