Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Addition!!

News Flash!

Last night we added a second dog to the family. Poor fella has no name yet, but we are working on it. Mary and I both agree it will be aviation related. (UPDATE) We named the new pup Rudder. Here are a few photo's, if you have a name that fits this cute mug shot please feel free to pass it along. This little fella is 7 months old, no more then three pounds (5.4 pounds said the vet on Monday)and has to look up to all four of our cats. Maggie's head weighs more then him and her stub tail is as long as his head, he's a tiny little dude. He is a bit shy but already this morning his tail is perking up and I think he may even give it a wag of approval. He does not do steps yet but he is trying and yes, he wants to be a lap dog. (UPDATE, Steps no problem as of day two)

A few more pictures of the new guy (Rudder)and his big sister Maggie hamming it up for the camera.


Steve said...

Nothing beats a new doggy... here's to many years with the cute lil fella!

Anonymous said...

What kind is he? Wilbur, Orville, Lindy, Amelia (oh wait that won't do), Faucet (lol). I didn't know you wanted a dog??

Anonymous said...

Blimpie? Zep? Propeller head? Piper? Beech? Rudder? Ok I'll quit.

Rob said...

"Rudder" is Cute! Great Name too!