Friday, December 05, 2008

Overnight, Cape Cod

METAR KILG 051751Z 30014G17KT 10SM CLR 03/M07 A3025

Not exactly the start I had in mind but we were getting away and that's all that mattered. Our original plan was to leave early Saturday morning but due to the forecast weather and after Adam planted the seed we decided to bump everything up one day.

Thursday afternoon I turned in a slip for half the day Friday and Mary took care of her work schedule. The plan was in gear, the rental car booked and the hotel changed our reservation, we were good to go. I left work around noon and updated my flight plan once home. I also made the rounds looking for anything we may have forgotten and managed to get the dog loaded up for her ride to the kennel. It's now almost 1pm and I'm not at the airport yet. Oh I forgot to mention Mary got called into a training session and should be done by 1:00, famous last words. I got Maggie squared away and drove through the airport gate at 1:10 loading up our bags and getting the cockpit squared away. I started up 679er and figured that when Mary walked in I would shut down but at least the oil was having a chance to warm. 1:40 and the Bride walks in, I shut down and she boards, we're almost ready. My cell phone plugs into my Zulu headset which is nice and I make the call to 800-wx-brief to open my flight plan. I figured a new place and I may run past sunset so why not have the free insurance of the flight plan.

Taxi clearance is to hold short at 1-19 on kilo and complete my run up, then call. Ok, that's not a problem so we taxi out and hold short for landing traffic. I get cleared to cross 1-19 and right turn on Delta taxi to and hold short once again for traffic on final. Finally, 679er gets the call clear for take off. The winds were kicking us around but the excitement of the weekend ahead takes the edge off. I request a frequency change to pick up flight following with Philly and get cut loose. Philly gives me a squawk and turns me north west of the airport for traffic. Once well north of Philly they finally say the magic words, resume own navigation, maintain VFR, climb approved to 7,500. 679er climbs out to 7.5 so we can go over the top of New York Bravo airspace, it's just so much easier.

The wx is great and the ride is very smooth as we take in all the beautiful view of New York city. Mary clicks off pictures of airports and passing traffic. One funny when I first turned on course I asked for 7.5 when able, I was told to hold current altitude for a C-17 caution wake turbulence. I had to laugh, as I responded 4.5 for 679er and thanks for the wake turbulence heads up. I was soon cleared for the requested 7.5 and off we went. We passed all kinds of traffic, an airbus 319, a few Boeing monsters and a falcon jet or two along with a few regionals. It was a busy place and no time for eyes anywhere but outside the cockpit.

We crossed over JFK and followed I-495 out across Long Island . We passed over Mattituck, Gardners Bay and pointed the nose towards Fisher's Island just south east of Groton, CT. From here it was follow the shore line. We watched Block Island pass by our right wing tip as we made our way across Rhode Island Sound. From this point I followed the chain of islands between vineyard sound and buzzards bay which pointed the way to Barnestable. The sun was falling out of the sky and we were getting real close. I was directed to enter a left base runway 33 and did so. I watched an aircraft turn final and land, a regional take off on an intersecting runway as I was now on short final. Pulled back what power was left and made a pretty good landing followed by our taxi to Griffin Avionics. There the lineman marshaled me in to park and once shut down and showing him my keys he moved forward to chock the nose wheel. I opened the window and he said our friends were waiting (Adam and Marisol) and they had arrived just a short time ahead of us.

It was great to see them both and thankfully we didn't keep them waiting to long. The men went for the rental (Dodge Durango) and the ladies I'm sure sat and caught up. We loaded up the grey beast and headed into town in search of the Anchor-In. Yes, I asked for directions and although I don't think I followed them (missed a turn here or there) we found the place with little trouble. We checked in and freshened up the met in the lobby for dinner. Tonight we were going to the Roadhouse Cafe'. This place was worth the stop! Adam drove and I um, navigated, yeah that's what I did. The menu served a wide variety. I had the broiled Scrod, baked potato and squash, Marisol had the same. Adam had a surf and turf that looked great and Mary had the special, duck. No complaints, maybe due to all the wine, but seriously, top notch service and food. A special thanks to Adam & Marisol who treated us as an anniversary dinner present, our sincere thanks, what a wonderful gesture and much appreciated spending our special night with you both.

We decided to head back to the hotel and pull up a few chairs by the fire. I showed Adam my new laptop that I carry for flight planning and wx and we sat and chatted until we all decided it was best to get some sleep. Nantucket or bust for tomorrow.....its time for the Christmas stroll.

Some trip info....

Top speed 156 knots (178.5 mph)
Trip Length - 275 miles
Time enroute - 2 hours
Avg. Speed - 120 knots

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AdamB said...


Marisol and I had a GREAT time last night. A wonderful dinner and wonderful conversation and company.
I'm glad everything worked out the way it did, bumping it up a day was the way to go.

Have a great time next weekend!
We'll see you soon.