Tuesday, November 24, 2009

08Romeo, Ready to Come Home

08Romeo is finally ready to come home, now I need the wx to cooperate!

Here is a break down of the work on our first annual

Annual Inspection

Two master cylinders rebuilt
Right side landing gear

- Jo Bolts (2) removed and replaced
- One new hole drilled
Vacuum regulator rebuilt/repaired
New ELT battery
Windshield reseal *
Oil change
Corrosion spot repaired and repainted

-(Vent duct corrosion,dissimilar metals)
Wing tip replaced and repainted (on the shop)

*I added the windshield reseal since it caused corrosion of the vacuum regulator and the corrosion next to the vent duct on the right side under the windscreen. There was not a constant dripping leak but after hosing the heck out of it it would be damp in and around the vacuum regulator and the original black duct which eventually rotted and exposed the metal to the skin of the aircraft thus,dissimilar metals. The regulator filter, often called the garter filter was replaced for the annual and sent the suction gauge above normal on run up. Upon further inspection there was corrosion everywhere on the regulator so, they took care of that.

Total cost.....$1.7 AMU's
(Aviation Monetary Unit)
Hands on learning experience...PRICELESS!


Steve said...

That's a remarkably efficient use of your AMUs, Gary! Glad to see the new bird didn't set you back too much this first go-around.

Gary said...


Yeah, I had another AMU in the budget just in case. Now that "extra" can get dumped into the house money. It's time to start building the play money for upgrades! Lets see....I would like an Altitude hold, panel mount the 496, nav/comm to replace the collins nav/comm.....and ...well I could go on but I need to come back to reality.

Steve said...

Once again dispelling the myth that nobody's ever owned an airplane in a quest to save money... ;-)