Sunday, November 29, 2009

She's Home

08Romeo is home!
Thanks MikeB for the hop to 58M. Once shut down at Cecil Aero I went in to settle up the bill and pick up my keys. I don't even own a spare set, well, not yet anyway. 08R checked out, all systems go and Mike was kind enough to give her a good once over with me. Mike launched ahead of me, he was headed back to ILG to catch up with a friend for some multi engine time. I taxied out and was number three for departure. The run up was fine and with a few calls on CTAF I was off! The plan was to meet up with a few friends at Chester County, KMQS. 08R was perfect, just like I remembered after our last flight nearly 4 weeks ago. I took my time getting her tied down at Red Eagle and hated to lock her up. Mary and I will get some flight time in over the next few weeks and together we'll become familiar with our new ride.


Jim said...

Nice seeing you yesterday, Gary. 08R is spectacular.

Gary said...

Thanks! Good to catch up. We will have to get some flying time in, I have yet to land at DYL,Doylestown Airport.