Saturday, November 28, 2009

Making Arrangements

Mary and I headed south to 58M Elkton, Cecil County airport yesterday to check on 08R and square up the final bill. We decided to load up the dogs and take them for the ride, yes, I brought both of them back. They went nuts when I said we should take them with us. I went out to put the seats down to provide more space in the back of the SUV as Mary was getting ready. Rudder ran around the house in overdrive barking non-stop and he's normally not a yappy dog. Maggie gave chase and together it was like the Daytona 500 around our split level home. I gave the all clear and Mary let them out the front door. I have one rule before they load up and that is a potty break, like asking a little child if they have to go ten times before you put them in the car. Both dogs hit the grass and did their thing then waited for the "kennel" command to load up. Well, Maggie loaded in no problems, the little guy could only dance around performing the pick me up ritual, yeah your cute, now get in the truck.
Traffic was light and we made very good time heading to Elkton. When we pulled in I saw the club plane 679er tied down next to our new girl, I almost felt uncomfortable, sort of like that first time you see an ex while taking your new girl out. I know, call me crazy. The guys at Cecil Aero were going to bring 08Romeo in and complete the windscreen seal and leave her sit in the hangar over the weekend to dry. After looking at the wx next week I made the decision that Sunday looks best so I was going to bring her home then. Keith said he would call to confirm she's done and they would expect me between 1 and 1:30 Sunday. Done deal.

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