Tuesday, March 02, 2010

08Romeo History Lesson

After once again going through all the boxes and papers associated with 08Romeo for my Adlog order, I decided I would dig a bit deeper and try to find Juliet's previous owners. There is a mountain of paperwork, photographs, receipts, appraisals and just about everything else you can imagine. This will be post number one in a series of adventures as I dig into Juliet's past. I hope to share some of my discoveries in detail as the mystery unravels.

Day one of the search and I have found two previous owners. Dave in Indiana (3rd) and Jean-Michel in London (4th), formerly from Illinois. I am missing the first two owners but have found out that Juliet started her life in Ellenwood, Georgia with Ken Miller then moved to Mississippi with Robert Slack. The first picture in the series (top left)was taken at 1N7, Blairstown, NJ on a cross country trip with Jean-Michel from Chicago to New York City. On that trip she spent her first night at Meigs Field after making a hop from Midway to DuPage (KDPA) and a stop to fill her tank at Joliet. So far it's been fun, I can't wait to share all the stories associated with our aircraft.

More on this adventure to follow.....


Steve said...

What a fun idea for a series of posts - looking forward to it.

I'm glad to hear she made it to Meigs at least once in her life, unlike me... :(

Gary said...

or me :( 08R also made the Hudson river run, I haven't done that one....yet.