Friday, March 19, 2010

08R Doctor Visit

I reported to work early this morning in hopes of getting out two RFP's (Request for Proposals) on contracts that are ready to roll. The Email drawing files I was waiting on did not come, but the remaining paper work was ready. While I waited I placed a call at 8am to Cecil Aero to see if they had an open slot to check out my Vacuum troubles from last night. Keith and I chatted and he noted my info so Roger could call. It was set, I had the ok to bring Juliet in for a check up. I was packed and out of the office in a blur headed for the airport just a short ten minutes away.

I had left 08R uncovered last night so I could make a quick get away this morning. I sumped, pre-flighted and climbed aboard. Juliet comes to life and after receiving clearance we are go for taxi. I was cleared to take off from runway one and turn left on course. It's a very short hop to 58M, and I had the airport in site positioning to overfly the field and enter a midfield left down wind for runway three one. A nice base to final followed with a gentle landing and we are enjoying the sunshine as we roll clear and announce.

Keith marshaled me into park and I shut down. Roger and I pulled the top cowl and took a look. He said this one is an easy fix, the hose clamp is loose and the hose is pulled off the pump. Ugghh.. I felt like a dope. I didn't see anything looking through the oil access door this morning and I know one can not see everything but....I just felt dumb. Roger, always the gentleman, said you made the right call getting it in here. If you're not comfortable stop in and let me check it out. We buttoned up gave it a test run then shut down. Roger invited me in for coffee so I walked through the shop, said hello to Frank and chatted a bit with the guys. I asked Roger what do I owe you this morning, he said, go fly! How could I argue! No cost today but knowledge gained.

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