Monday, March 22, 2010

The Adlog System

I have referenced the Adlog™ system multiple times over the last few 08Romeo history posts. I wanted to take some time and share a bit of info about that very system offered by AeroTech Publishing of Southhold, Long Island, N.Y.

The Adlog™ system consists of a three-ring binder with 13 color-coded index tabs (14 for FAR 135 aircraft). You can purchase a 2" binder which is recommended for older aircraft with a lot of history. I purchased a 4" binder from Staples, copied the Adlog binder logo and slipped it in under the front cover plastic of the binder I purchased, it looks fine.
The color coded index tabs include divided tabbed sections for General Information, Aircraft Inspection Status, Airframe, Engine, Propeller and Avionics logs, Applicable Airworthiness Directives index, AD's Permanently Complied With, AD's Requiring Additional Compliance, and sections for Major Repair & Alteration Forms (FAA Form 337), Wt & Balance Papers, Factory Service Notes or Bulletins and 8130 Return to Service Paperwork. The cover of each logbook is color-coded to match the corresponding index tab, so it's pretty hard to screw up refiling a log book in the wrong section of the binder. Each of the logbooks are 8½ x 11 inches, so they provide ample room for the stick on maintenance entries along with room to staple in yellow tags and other necessary forms and documents that may be required.
AdNote™ data pages combine the complete text of each air-worthiness directive with its associated maintenance compliance form, and are divided into non-repetitive and repetitive AD sections that let you know instantly of compliance status.

A computer search is included, for all airframe, engine, propeller, and appliance airworthiness directives that apply to your aircraft. Each year prior to your annual inspection, a new updated AD computer search is provided. The first years subscription service to the adNotes™ is included with your purchase. After the first year the subscription service for the adNote and yearly updated Airworthiness index is $25.00 for single & $28.00 for twins.

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