Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Hour

Friday night Happy Hour flight! Mary and I decided that it would be much more fun flying (30 minutes engine start to shut down) to Wings Field (KLOM) then driving (1 hour minimum in blue route traffic). I had plenty of fuel from last nights flight and didn't burn but a few gallons on my maintenance flight this morning. I already sumped the tanks this morning so I was good to go and the rest of the pre-flight was perfect. I also left the cover off knowing we would be heading out. I contacted the tower and was cleared to taxi for departure.

Mary and I noticed one of the club members flying the Archer N28679er. Dan and his wife were loading baggage he was getting ready to fire up as we passed. I heard him pick up his IFR clearance to Ocracoke. We launched and pointed towards Wings riding out some bumps as we passed under the Philly Bravo shelf. I monitored approach on 119.75 and heard 679er check in as he requested direct Smyrna (ENO). He got the direct after traffic passed and climbed to eight or nine thousand feet, I can't remember. I had the PA turnpike under me and had the field in sight as I positioned for my entry to the downwind over top the quarry. Base to final adding the last notch of flaps and the crosswind pushes me left, slight power correction and I'm down. That was not pretty, alignment points deducted, smooth points added, grade C.

We secured the plane and walked across to the Philadelphia Aviation Country Club for happy hour snacks and (for me) a cool ice tea and for my Bride a glass of wine. It was relaxing to sit outside and watch the planes come and go and spend one on one time with Mary.

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