Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breakfast at Kays

It was a last minute decision to make the run to KCGE, Cambridge Airport in Maryland. Wilmington had a TFR blanket covering us until 9:30 am so we got a late start due to VP Biden. We finally got the fan turning and taxied out. The ride south was smooth with a few traffic calls from Dover Approach then the hand off to Potomac. There was some traffic at CGE; one plane shooting the GPS RWY34 approach, myself about 5 north and one trailer about 10 north. The traffic flow worked out nice and I entered on a left base for runway one six.

The place was packed so we had a short wait for a seat. This worked in our favor since Bob Ciotti heard us coming in and asked about catching up. We had told him we were heading into Cambridge. Mary and I were seated and we ordered up a cup of soup for her and spicy chili for me. Bob and Craig walked in 20 minutes later and joined us. We enjoyed a nice lunch together as the place started to empty out. The locals really hit this place pretty good and Sunday's the church crowd invades.

We both launched for home and Bob trailed us by five to eight miles all the way north to Wilmington. We chatted on air to air which was also pretty busy. I had Dover approach tuned in and monitored all the way home. As I crossed the C&D canal I gave the tower a call with the current ATIS info and the typical inbound for full stop going to red eagle, descending through 3,300. The tower acknowledged and directed me to report a three mile left base for runway two seven. My landings of late have been a bit fast which makes long, never wants to stop flying, roll out forever to save brakes ugly adventures. So, I decided to hit the numbers on my speed and also shoot for the runway numbers. I was 80 knots on base with a turn to final at 70 knots actually adding a touch of power to make the numbers. Sweet, soft and held the nose off, I like that. We spent some time cleaning the plane and covering the tail. The birds have been having a field day and I am worried all that 'crap' will damage my paint. We washed everything down and I used a light polishing compound and paste wax to clean up stains 'they' left us. I am going to order a tail cover to take care of the nesting bird problems and come up with something to keep them off our tail and beacon.


Steve said...

Man, you've got to be the most current non-commercial pilot out there right now!

Keep on racking up the hours like you have been so far this year and you'll hit your goal in no time.

Gary said... that title goes to Ted out of KIPT (Cloud Nine Rescue).

I read your post on the cub flight over the park.....good stuff! I'll get over there to leave a comment or two this evening on all your updates.

Rob said...

Gary, we just have to fly out there to Steve's one of these days.

Glad you had a good run, and I'm glad Bob got out too. I was able to get some more time in later that night after he returned, probably my last in 09L this month. (Wednesday I give my feet a try at tailwheel)

Maybe some day I can get Becky and we can meet at Kay's. I've never been there, and I know she would like to get out flying again with me.

Gary said...

We are always up for a Kays breakfast meet.

I say we top of the sundowner and head west. You work out your schedule and let me know. We can knock out a few airports along the way. Steve will have to be ready for us :)

Steve said...

I'll be ready - free rides in the Cub for all! :)