Thursday, December 30, 2010

Landing Light Review

I have struggled with the lack of light when landing my Sundowner 'after hours'.  I went back and forth with so many of the lighting products on the market. I finally decided to purchase the Whelen Parmetheus PAR36 LED lights that are a drop-in replacement for outdated Halogen or HID lamps. Lightweight, low-current draw and moisture resistant, they provide stable light, output for thousands of operating hours and they are STC Approved.

I was working on my night currency last night and that provided the opportunity to do a comparison. The two top features of this light are the low current draw and the bright white lighting it projects. I have a very short video of the two lights side by side, the 'taxi' light was my previous landing light a GE 4509 and my new landing light is a Whelen Parmetheus PAR36 LED.  I will work on getting some in cockpit comparison.


Rick said...

Gary - if you decide to replace the other bulb with another Whelen Parmetheus LED, would you pick the "taxi" version (which has a wider beam), or go with same bulb you bought (which has the narrower beam). Appreciate you posting this review.

Gary said...


I am going to add the "taxi" version for the wider beam. I'll post an update when I get the new light mounted.

Steve said...

Thanks for sharing the comparison, I know I asked about it a month or two ago. New light looks great!