Saturday, January 08, 2011

Lazy Saturday

Forecast calls for 2-4" of the white stuff so the plan was to kick back let it all happen then shovel or snow blow.  Mary and I had breakfast, scrapple on toast with American cheese and a side of home fries, then got a few things done around the house.  About mid-day the snow let up so I ventured outside to clean up the driveway, back deck and my SUV. It was a light powder and I used the snow shovel like a broom to finish up the drive and I actually used a push broom to do the back deck. I decided that while I was playing snow fighter I may as well go to the airport to clean off 08Romeo. 

Roads were wet, our development road was the only hard part of the excursion. Why people don't park in their driveways during snow events just puzzles me. For one, it keeps the street clear for the plows and second it covers your drive way and leaves less to shovel.......Duh.....Hello...McFly! I make my way on to the airfield through the Red Eagle gate and notice the winds have blown a good portion of any snow accumulation away.  08Romeo had a few inches on her wings and stabilator  but with a soft bristle broom it cleaned off very easily.  I took the extra time to clean off the cover, check that the pitot and nose plugs were secure before heading home.

I made a stop at our favorite deli to pick up a large italain hoagie and a bag of chips. The fireplace was cranking out the heat as we enjoyed our lunch, it is amost time to watch football!


Pete Zaitcev said...

Hmm, that tarp may be a good idea. When snow melts, our FBO's Cherokee always has standing water in front of the forward rib on the cockpit floor. And then radios fail.

Gary said...


Our cover was purchased from Ground Tech. Mary picked out bthe blue, said we needed some contrast to the red/white. Great prices and excellent service, here is the linbk.

Pete Zaitcev said...

Thanks for the link, saved.

Rob said...

Glad to hear the transponder Woes may be figured out.

I second the work of Jim at PlaneCover, very high quality product with great customer service.

One thing I don't miss about not being in the cessna agreement is having to clear off the snow and ice after each snowfall. Someday you'll have a hangar :-)

ザイツェヴ said...

I just realized that this is in fact a Musketeer, not Cherokee.

Gary said...

It's the next generation after the Musketeer, the Sundowner. 08Romeo is still considered by many a mouse.

I used to fly a Piper Archer II, maybe that's why the Cherokee thought process.