Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Crossfill 530/496

I finally broke down and gave into the crossfill capabilities on the Garmin 530.  08Romeo is back in the shop at Red Eagle with her panel opened up.  I also decided to have the cables hidden that I had previously left accessible in case I wanted to take the XM antenna out of the plane.  I haven't removed the 496 since it was panel mounted and we have a GPS for the vehicles if we need one. It was time to clean up the cockpit a bit.

I currently have the Garmin 496 panel mounted and love the wx and traffic (when coupled to my Zaon XRX).  It is impossible to have both the 530 and Zaon coupled to the 496 at the same time so I will need a switch to be installed.

For now I will strictly use the direct cable connect from the 530 since my Collins transponder is in conflict with the Zaon, it shows a ghost target around me at +/- 200 feet.

  • One time flight planning and no longer will I have to chug and plug on two units for every initial and amended route. A great feature when single pilot IFR.
  • Continuous updated flight plan on 496 in case of ships electrical failure, with hours of battery back up on the 496.
  • I'll lose traffic on the 496 screen, unless I get the switch added.
  • Lose capability to flight plan ahead or change on the go for direct to information.
  • From what I've read I will lose private fields being displayed on the 496 (have to research this more).
  • When activating an approach on the 530 I will lose the final destination airport on the 496 and now have a final destination as the missed approach holding point.
Overall a good safety move for my flying. I will flight test the final destination issues and explore in greater detail the ability to toggle with the crossfill option on the 530 flight plan menu.  Maybe this will allow me to crossfill the flight plan and then disengage and be free to use the 496 as normal.  I will report back with my findings!

UPDATE:The plane is finished and the shop added a switch for the Zaon/GPS in an empty rocker switch slot. They knew I was on the fence and mentioned getting it added at a later date if/when I upgrade my transponder.  He said it cost you a switch, all the wiring was there so I did it now.  That works for me!

I hope to flight test the changes Thursday!


D.B. said...

Another possible gotcha, is that according to my avionics shop, if you connect an IFR GPS (like your 430W) to a handheld (even in a Gozmo), then the IFR certification is obviated for the 430W, and it can no longer be used as you primary navigation source under IFR.

I've also been told by others that is not true. So who knows? I'm not taking a chance, and am not interconnecting the panel 430W for navigation, and the 496 for weather.

Gary said...

Not according to my avionics shop. The info is crossfed to the 496, no info from the 496 feeds the 530.

Not much different than feeding an autopilot or a second IFR cert GPS.

I do want to add the switch once my collins transponder issues is resolved (buying a new garmin). I really like the traffic on the 496.

Steve said...

Seems like it's still a good move given your normal mission in the IFR system these days.

Have fun with the new setup!