Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Milestone

A milestone of sorts, at least for me.  With the last flight entered in the log I busted the 601 total time mark.  Total landings to date 809, instrument approaches 176, airports visited 81, states visited 22, cross country time 279, and only 4.5 hours of actual instrument time, simulated instrument is 90.

It's been fun, I've learned a lot of good things from my PPL and Instrument instructors; Bill, Chuck, Tom and Mike.  I'm not sure what the future holds, my commercial maybe and even starting to consider a multi engine rating with some new possibilities opening up at Wilmington that could be fun. Stay tuned!


Steve said...

You're a great example for all pilots - here's to the next 600! :)

Gary said...

Ahh...just another pilot having fun, but thanks!!

Just trying to be safe, keep learning and having fun.

Unknown said...

The trick is to make the next 600 more memorable than the first 600... Sounds like u r well on ur way!

D.B. said...

Nice! In fact, you are 60 hours ahead of me!

Gary said...


Then I think we should switch planes (big evil grin) I didn't think you would go for that...dang.

Man you are hard to keep up with! Trying to track myour flights for the Cirrus fly-in. Safe travels and I hope to make the next 600 more enjoyable then the first six, uneventful but enjoyable!

Chris said...

Congrats, Gary! It looks like it's been an eventful 600 hours, too!