Wednesday, August 24, 2011

N/A Where were you?

8/23/2011 - East Coast hit by one of its biggest quakes ever!

The top headline in today's paper followed by; "After fearful uncertainty, relief when little damage is discovered".  The east coast felt the effects of an earthquake in Mineral,VA. The U.S. Geological Service reported intensity levels, a different measurement than magnitude, ranging from 3 (weak) to 5 (moderate) throughout Delaware. At the epicenter in Virginia, the intensity was a "very strong" 7, enough to cause moderate damage.

Intensity levels in Delaware have reached 3 and above at least 10 times since 1983, when an intensity 5 quake (magnitude 2.9) shook Wilmington's Forty Acres neighborhood. But nothing of the magnitude of Virginia's quake has hit Delaware since October 1871, when Wilmington had a quake estimated at magnitude-4.1.  The quake, the strongest on the East Coast since 1944, was felt from South Carolina to Maine.

To answer the question in the title of this post, I was standing  out at the Cape May Airport (KWWD) alongside taxiway E, inspecting a mill and overlay project.  As the milling machine passed by I felt my legs wobble a bit and thought that's odd, I don't feel dizzy. I stood still wanting to make sure I didn't take a step and fall over and with that thought the "finding my sea legs" feeling passed. I continued working until our Op's person pulled up and alerted me about the earthquake. I contacted Mary to check on my Bride and then continued with the paving operation.


ddf said...

2,500' somewhere between KLOM and 7N8. So far (in my young life) I have yet to feel the effects of an earthquake.

Cheesehead said...

What is N/A?

Gary said...

N/A = Non-aviation.