Thursday, August 25, 2011

Safely Tucked Away

08Romeo is safely tucked away at the Wilmington Airport.  With all the talk and online tracking for Hurricane Irene I thought it would be best to to relocate 08Romeo or try to find a temporary hangar set up until Irene has passed.  Some quick flight planning provided a two hour one way distance that would put me west of Altoona, Pa. and out of harms way.
I decided to try my home airport and see if there were any T-Hangars available.
As luck would have it there were a few hangars open.  I quickly contacted my insurance company and requested a coversheet with the airport authority listed and inked a five day stay in one of our T's located just across the field from my normal tie down location.  I'm happy to be out of the wx for the weekend and able to focus on home and family.  Thanks Rick for the offer of your hangar at FDK and Frank for his hangar at GED.



Steve said...

Glad to hear - I was going to ask you what you were doing with the airplane. Looks like this could be quite a storm. Stay safe!

Gary said...

I gave serious thoughts to flying west and I was offered a hangar at FDK (Thanks Rick). Decided to see if there was anything open in a T-hangar or a multi hangar and hope for the best. DRBA had a T available so there is where she sits. I wish I could afford to keep her there but then that expense would really limit my flying.

Steve said...

Understandable - if we ever make the plunge into ownership, I'm sure I'll be doing everything I can to control the costs.

You've always got a place to stay here if the weather turns super crazy and you have to park at MGY! :)

Unknown said...

By now the storm passed u ...( hopefully w/o incident) ... In FL, I deal w/ hurricanes and tropical storms every year... My conclusion is to always stay put in hanger ... U never know which way the storm will really go... Plus that's why u have insurance!!