Saturday, August 06, 2011

Poughkeepsie Fly-In

North to KLOM, catching the sunrise
The wx was looking good with a the forecast mist at Wilmington but it looked to be clearing by my departure time.  I showered and got on the road early wanting to get in the air by 7:15.   I had ordered fuel yesterday so I needed to sump the tanks to complete the pre-flight. sent a text message confirming both flight plans for this morning; ILG to KLOM (Wings) and then the trip to KPOU, (Poughkeepsie).

Engine start was 7:05 and while the oil warmed up I entered the flight plans.  Wilmington ground cleared me to Wings field via runway heading, radar vectors, MXE, direct.   I was going to climb out to two thousand feet and told to expect three thousand in ten minutes. I never made it to modena (MXE) instead I was given direct PHILA, initial approach fix, cleared RNAV GPS 6 approach, maintain two thousand two hundred until established.  Cool, that was easy!  As I approached PHILA, approach cleared me to switch to CTAF at Wings field. I would call back and cancel in the air with Philly approach when I could.

Here is where I had a brain moment.  I was just about on the feeder from MXE and Philly cut me loose.  I decided not to do the procedure turn since it was just about a direct entry to the next segment. I descended through the layer calling out altitudes and course, great stuff!  Broke out and had the field in site and had altitude to spare.  I advised my updated intentions/position for Wings then flipped back to Philly to cancel in the air.  A good landing and taxi in to pick up my right seat for the day, Adam Z.
As mentioned earlier I had filed this morning for the second leg.  I called the FAA Clearance delivery number and they gave me the number for Philly approach, ok, that works too.  I gave Philly a call to pick up our clearance and this is what we got; Cleared POU, direct PTW, radar vectors FJC, V162 HUO, Direct KPOU. two thousand expect five thousand in ten.  Close enough and Adam made the changes on the Garmin 530.
We launched and had a nice smooth climb through a layer for two thousand. Cleared by Philly for a climb to four thousand then handed off to Allentown. Allentown amended the route with a direct to SCOUP intersection along V162 then as filed with a climb to five thousand and a hand off to New York approach.  Adam and I sailed along, smooth as could be. Adam hand flew us a good distance then handed control back to me as we were ready to cross the Hudson River.

KPOU - 21005KT 10SM SCT020 OVC080 24/19 A3004
NY approach cleared us for the visual approach two four and handed us off to the Poukeepsie tower. After making contact and confirming the right down wind entry I made a questionable call. Since NY approach was slow to let me down for the airport I had to slow down instead of my nose over no shock cooling typical descent.  Just past midfield I passed through a series of clouds and lost site of the airport, thankfully passing through and clearing quickly I reacquired and continued with my turn to a base leg. I added the third notch early since I was a bit high but lost enough to clear the numbers and make a nice landing.
I took on fifteen gallons of fuel as a courtesy for the folks hosting the event and got a fifteen cent a gallon discount, that's always nice. The seminar was good but not geared enough towards the piston crowd, even though the procedures aspect was the goal of the talk. The seminar counted towards a wings credit so that was a plus. The wx was moving east north east and Adam and I decided it was time to bug around noon.

I completed the pre-flight along with a sump since I took on fuel. I climbed aboard and got started while Adam plugged in our course home. I had taken advantage of the "Plates" folder on Foreflight and set up a KPOU/KSWF folder with all departure procedures and IAP's for both airports. The route home was almost reverse of the flight up. Cleared to KLOM, Duchess four departure, HUO, V162, ETX, V29, PTW direct.
The Duchess four was pretty basic and I set it up on my nav two. Spun the CDI to two five zero, switched the collins nav to read out the radial (looking to maintain 250) and I was ready. Adam reviewed and made sure I wasn't rushing but I was set and ready to go, I should have explained what I was doing since everyones plane is different.  What I didn't understand is why the departure did not show on my Garmin 530.

Duchess Four
Take-off runway 24: Climb on IGN VOR/DME R-250*, maintain 3000 thence....
....Via vectors to assigned Route/Fix/Navaid, expect clearance to filed altitude 10 minutes after departure.

The ride home was for the most part IMC once crossing the Hudson River. We retraced our communications trail with New York, Allentown and Philly approaches. Allentown gave us a short cut direct KLOM well before we even got to their airspace, that was nice. A bit bumpy but not bad as we chugged along fighting a fifteen knot headwind. Adam positioned us for a cross wind entry to Wings runway two four and I flew the pattern and made an ok landing.

A fun day, good time flying with Adam and a chance to put some faces with the folks on the forums.  I made the quick trip to Wilmington, uneventful VFR flight, which is always a plus and put 08Romeo to bed.


Adam said...

Good flight today with a good IR pilot. Good to have someone competent and intelligent to analyize the flight with.

Steve said...

Great photos and recap - certainly another occasion to add to your long "where an IR is useful" list.

Gary said...

Adam, great time and another chance to expand on learning more about wx and flying in the system. Had fun, we will do it again.

Steve, Adam took most of the photos but I did get a few like the morning sunrise while flying north to Wings KLOM (first shot).