Sunday, December 25, 2011

2011 Year in Review

It's time for my annual year in review and a look forward to some new goals for 2012. Here are the goals I set back in January.

2011 in Review

Hours: 105, Total flight hours 649
Ratings: Nothing new this year :(
States: None this year :(
Aircraft: Nothing new this year :(

Rescues: Donna&Zippie,Sadie,Jackson,Angel&Polo
Medical: The hip is doing great. I'm down only 16 pounds, still working on the weight thing.
Fun Flights: Nashville, TN for a Labor day get-away - Ithaca, NY for the Beech Aero Club Festival - Nags Head, NC our favorite get-away.
First Time Flyers: Just one this year, Vince's brother Joey.
Notes: Auto Pilot fixed. Had a really good annual with no surprises. Flew just over 7000 miles.

2012 Goals

Hours: At least 100 and I hope to pass a  total time of 700 hours
Ratings: Commercial, if they drop the retract gear and I hope to finally add a tail wheel endorsement
Airports: My typical, as many as possible! States: Again, as many as possible!!
Flights: More date night flights with my Bride and more flights to/from the beach. We want to attend the BAC fly in in Gulf Shores Alabama in late September, The Florida Keys is still very high on the list and a Bahamas trip. Visit Jeff out in Champaign, IL (KCMI).
Aircraft Upgrades:  Add the LED Taxi light, Replace the remaining washer CHT probes with the bayonet probes. Replace the Collins Nav/Com radios with the KX155-165 series and a new transponder, GTX 327, which will correct my traffic alert issues.


Chris said...

105...not too shabby, Gary! Merry Christmas! I'll look forward to your exploits in 2012.

Geoff Nelson said...

Great year! We'll be looking for you in Florida or the Bahamas! We will be going back for spring break.

How did you make that map of this year's travel?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Another year well spent! (Let's try to meet up somewhere in 2012!)

Gary said...

Chris, Hope to add to those hours for next year!

Hope to make Key West or Bahamas this year.

T.J., Sounds like a plan. I see you were back up this way recently, NY I think. Safe travels! What are your totals for the year? You had some great trips!