Thursday, March 13, 2014

BAC 10th Anniversay Fly-In

The Beech Aero Club Tenth Anniversary Celebration Fly-In is scheduled for July.  The gathering will  be returning to Wichita, KS located within walking distance of Beech Factory Airport (KBEC). Although the club was founded on July 4, 2004, a center piece of the tenth anniversary celebration revolves around a tour of the Beech Factory, which will be closed the week of July 4; however, they have graciously agreed to open their doors for a club tour that month. There will be plenty of activities to enjoy along with new restaurants to visit.
Naturally the mind starts working the numbers for Mary and I to fly our Sundowner out. A quick look at the trip works the Sundowner numbers to 9.5 hours of fly time and 94.3 gallons one way, no wind factored in.  In dollars that would be $5.08 a gallon average for my initial top off and two stops which would total $480 one way for 100LL.

Just for kicks I ran the numbers for the Bonanza I am looking at. Fly time would be 6.5 hours at 13.5 gph multiplied by the same fuel cost for a total of $447 one way.
Now for the spam can numbers. Philly to Wichita (one stop, no non-stops) would be $1064 for each or round trip or $532 each way, not counting baggage costs. Travel time is 5.5 hours and 2 hours early at the airport so 7.5 hours. The Bonanza beats the airline with price and time, the Sundowner however is two plus hours just flying not counting ground time for two fuel stops.  What is ones time worth?

At least this trip would show some savings in 08Romeo and I would get some much needed cross country time in the system. We still have the Myrtle Beach trip on the book if we can just coordinate schedules with our friend Jo.


D.B. said...

Probably more like 11-12 gall/hr lean of peak. You're using the book numbers, aren't you? That's why you want GAMIs.

Gary said...

Well that fuel burn looks even better!!