Saturday, March 15, 2014

Plane of Interest

Cue the dreamy harp music...
I have a fantasy interest in a 1981 A36 Bonanza that I was given a heads up about by one of my friends. I had a nice chat with the owner, very nice guy, he also started out in a Sundowner. The plane is currently out of annual so there are a few issues to resolve but I am excited about the potential that it presents.

My goal is to find an aircraft with a complete avionics package and this aircraft fits that want.

  • MX 20, Chartview, terrain, traffic
  • Garmin 430WAAS
  • Icarus GPS roll steering adapter - coupled GPS approaches with glideslope intercept, selectable annunciations such as altitude, instrument waypoints.
  • Sandel EHSI
  • Backup electric AI
  • Avidyne TAS 600 Active Traffic - audible alerts.  Will display on one or all of the 430, the MX20, a dedicated control head, and the Sandel as well.
  • King Air driven attitude with flight director
  • Shadin fuel computer
  • Yaw damper


Geoff Nelson said...

That sure looks sweet!

Gary said...

Geoff, now if the "Price is Right".

D.B. said...

I'm guessing about $180k for something of that year, and avionics endowment.

A few days ago, you were talking about a late 60's V35A, which should be priced at around $90k, depending on condition and avionics.

Is the 81 model A36 worth 2x the cost of the V35A? It's slightly slower, but carries a lot more - 6 adults, or 4 adults with full luggage. The V35A can't do that.

What's your mission? If it's to carry you, your wife, bags and a dog or two, the A36 isn't worth the extra. If it's to carry you, three coworkers and their tools and bags, the A36 is the plane for you.

Gary said...

DB, I am also thinking that's the range for the 81. It has a few issues but not enough to scare me off or get it in my ballpark price. I'm not sure I want to see the insurance quote on the six seat. And this is the reason why I started the thread.....Cue up the dreamy harp music.

The serious search is for a V Tail mid seventies range with the avionics package. We would like to carry four adults and the dog on occasion but that may be a stretch. Maybe fedex the baggage or the dog? :)

D.B. said...

I too lust after an A36, but if I was to make the upgrade, I would go for one with a TN (Tornado Alley) STC on an IO-55, O2 system and a/c and great glass panel - for around $200k.

But for me, the V35A does 90%+ of my current missions. The limit for the V35A is CG loading, not useful load, which can't ever be reached in the real world. If you have an iPad or iPhone, download the V35 W&B app, and put in empty wht 2104, and empty CG 81". Then you can play with loading and see what you can do.

The other limitation on the V35A is max ceiling of 17.5K. Fine anywhere in the East, but go west and that starts to leave insufficient ground clearance (for me). My missions are starting to include some west-going routes demanding O2, hence the wish for TN.