Friday, March 21, 2014

08Romeo Stays Home

I'm not sure if I am happy or sad at the moment.  I have had interest in 08Romeo but tonight Mary and I received a very nice call from a gentleman that was representing someone seriously interested in our plane. A generous offer was made and again, just an offer, nothing more than that.  I gave it some thought but I am not ready to move from our asking price. I know, people love to bargain I am the most guilty of them all for living to horse trade.

Mary and I haven't found the Bo of our dreams, in our price range, so I really don't want to be with out a plane. I hung up the phone and went out to continue our discussion on a potential sale. Mary said you don't look happy, I responded that I'm not, but not sure why.

We discussed more numbers including the impending retirement plan. I texted a few friends that I trust in the airplane world and they confirmed my thought process, I should have countered and moved on or pulled the ad and keep 08Romeo.  Funny, but the broker that called pretty much advised the same thing.

So, Mary and I decided to pull the ad. We talked about planes and Mary flat out asked what does the Bo have that we don't have.  Well, speed, more payload, higher fuel and maintenance costs. I added in an autopilot since that would be a must for the airplane we buy. We both sat and thought then she said, go get an autopilot, we can't get more payload unless we diet (ouch). I guess the final answer is until the condo and home is sold and retirement home purchased we won't be comfortable investing in more airplane. We both agreed we can do it, but do we want to do it, it's out of my comfort zone.  All good points.

For now I need to walk away from the process and work things out in my own way. I'll be flying 08Romeo tomorrow morning as we head to the beach for a home and condo show.

Thanks for all the comments and advice along the way from blog readers and my aviation world friends. I will continue to move forward.... even if it's at 110 knots.


Chris said...

Rest assured, Gary. You have lots if friends still puttering about at 110 knots, too. :-)

Gary said...

Chris, Thanks. There is nothing bad about 110 knots, see the country from a great vantage point and build my flying time. There is a plus side to overnights in fun to explore places on the way to/from Florida in the retirement years. :)

Steve said...

Or 70, if you count me in my (rented) Cub! ;-)

Seems like a solid decision, hard as it may be. Go get the AP and continue to work on the fitness. You'll be better off in the end that way!

Might be a nice little bit of extra motivation, too... no new airplane until you accomplish that goal.

Gary said...

Steve, counted! and that 70 is a whole different kind of fun flying.