Saturday, March 22, 2014


The plan for today was visiting the Ocean City Home, Condo and Outdoor show.  The weather forecast was calling for 67° and a sunny day, much needed exposure for Mary and I both. While my Bride gathered up her last items for our flight I did a final check on the forecast for our short hop. The Low Level Wind Shear and low level turbulence I saw last night were still on the ticket for this morning.
In its many forms, wind shear can change a routine approach into an emergency recovery in a matter of seconds. An aircraft is affected by the change in wind direction/velocity because the wind also changes the aircraft motion relative to the ground.

I decided we would ground pound to OCMD for the day. I didn't want to tangle with a rough ride and LLWS on departure or return. Mary and I enjoyed the drive to the beach making stops to snoop through shops and picking up dinner to take home.

Upon our return, Ziva Diva was happy to see us. We should have taken her with us since we were only in the home show for an hour. After letting her play outside we tried to get her to load in the back of the SUV, she still doesn't get it. What dog doesn't like to 'jump' in the truck to go for a 'ride'? 

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