Monday, March 17, 2014

N/A - Getaway Sticks

I guess it's mainly the wx but the knees have been killing me. I had so many surgeries on my right knee I lost count.  I do know the last one was done late in 2003  and my doctor really got it squared away.  I had reached the point of sleeping with ice packs secured with ace bandages every night and I just could not get any real sleep.  I had the knee drained twice and that was not fun, tried cortisone and that helped for a short time. When he did perform the Arthroscopic surgery he removed a torn meniscus and at the same time debrided (cleaned up) the knee as he found necessary, I also remember him scraping arthritis.  The knee recovered well and I missed just a day of work and was soon with out crutches.  No more swelling, no more ice at night and no more pain.

Fast forward to about a month ago. I was walking along at work in a carpeted hall and pop, the right knee felt like it was going to buckle and I had a shooting pain. I managed to walk it out and have been walking on it since. I guess shoveling all this snow didn't help much either. I wore my brace for a few days and saturated the knee with all my liquid fixes until I could get this checked out. While waiting for three weeks for the appointment date my knee actually got better, no dull soreness pain, no more sharp pains and now only the typical noise it makes when first standing or walking.  I'm not sure that it should be making those noises but at least I know its still working. Mary calls me Snap Crackle Pop.

All the while my left knee has also been grinding and popping.  It's been a mess since my sports days and capped off with an accident back in 85. I kept my appointment for this morning and had both sticks checked. Both x-rays showed plenty of arthritis but there was still some even space through out the joint, that's a good thing.  The decision was made for cortisone treatment and to return in three weeks. If I still have pain then we will move on to an MRI. Thankfully I had no swelling so I didn't need the left knee drained.

I am going to search for a tug of some sort today even if it's an old lawnmower that I can weld a hitch on.  I figure if I want to keep what original parts I have left I'll need to stop pushing the plane uphill to the hangar. Yes, I'll have to loose the weight too, that would be the best place to start. So here I sit today, leg comfy cozy on the ottoman and just staying off it. Tomorrow it's back to work.

Getting old ain't for sissies!

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