Saturday, March 21, 2015

Detailed by CAVU

This morning I was scheduled to meet Ivan, the owner of CAVU Aircraft Detailing, at 8 am at the tenants access gate. I was a bit early but Ivan rolled through the gates on time.  I opened up the hangar and had to move the VW Cabrio out of the way, it decided it was not going to start, just give a few clicks to let me know it sat idle to long. I was ready for this and pulled my SUV alongside, hooked up cables and got the Cabrio running on the first shot. I disconnected my battery minder and engine pre-heat so we could roll 08Romeo out for a bath.
I had to be back over the house by 8:30 to meet the installer from media-com who was going to provide a hard line telephone hook up.....let's not have this discussion.   The phone is in and it works, not sure who still calls on a hard line and does not use a cell phone.
My first weekend retired, that sounds nice. Well, it was a busy one.  I washed the SUV and the Cabrio by hand, I honestly can't remember the last time I did that. Both vehicles looked great, Ziva was only slightly wet and I managed to somehow stay dry.
Mary was off to Berlin to browse the main street stores with her friend Jo Ann that came down this morning. I made sure Ziva was squared away and then I went to the home and condo show located at the Ocean City convention hall.  I wanted to support Ted and Pam, Pipeline Contracting LLC, and check out some home solar info.
I finally made it back to the airport so I could use my shop vac and clean out the cabrio to complete the clean up. I hung out and talked with Ivan and met a few locals that stopped by to pick up his business card,  and one to chat about my Sundowner.  I did finally meet RonOC from the AOPA forum.  Ron has his plane hangared in the row behind me and he flys a 172. We have traded messages on the forum but until today haven't been able to cross paths.

Ivan finished up 08Romeo and I locked up the hangar. 08Romeo's reiff heaters were plugged in and so was the battery minder, she is ready for her next mission, wx permitting will be Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sunday 3/22

I took Mary over to see the final product and she could not believe how clean and bright the white was on the plane. We are both very happy with the work performed by CAVU Detailing. 


Diggerdavid said...

Wow, fantastic! Where do you find this guy!

Gary said...

Dave, he was working on an arrow in the hangar row next to mine. He does planes in PA,NJ and MD.

Steve said...

Very nice!

On the land line topic, I use one of these guys + Google Voice to bridge both worlds:

Gary said...

Steve, first time I have seen obi and google voice. I'll stick to the cell phone for long distance.