Sunday, March 08, 2015

Finally, Some Flight Time

Looking back through my log book I see that it has been one month to the date since I last had 08Romeo in the air.  It was gorgeous Saturday but we had errands to run and we met up with our neighbors for lunch. So, today I was going to fly, bore holes in the sky, get the oil pumping, knock the rust off, you're following me here.
Last night I posted on Facebook that I was going to meet up with my friend Jeff from the Richmond, Virginia area, KFCI to be exact.  Jeff and I texted back and forth and decided on 10am for eats at KGED, Sussex County Airport located in Georgetown, Delaware.  Bob C saw the Facebook post then texted for the details.
Mary was dealing with a migraine that hit late last night and we have a supper club event this evening so she decided to try and sleep this one out.  I took care of the zoo, put in a load of wash and made sure Mary was all set with something cold to drink and a dark room. I was off for the airport.
I got to Ocean City airport around 8:30 so I had at least an hour to kill since my flight was really less than fifteen minutes straight shot. I did my pre-flight and left 08Romeo plugged in, with a moving blanket on the cowl to keep her warm. I took the VW Cabrio out for a spin around the hangars then out to the airport terminal. There was breakfast being served for a donation of $7....I should have ate there!! I checked in with the folks in the office and hung out to chat with Don from Express rental cars.
I figured I bothered everyone long enough so I headed back to 08Romeo. I had the tunes playing while I disconnected the battery maintainer and the pre-heat extension cord from my switchbox controller. Both the VW and my ML320 were locked and parked out of the way at the end of the hangar and the hangar door was closed and's time to fly!! I had great oil temps since I turned on the heaters Friday night. A few blades and 08Romeo was once again patiently waiting at a smooth idle.
I picked up the wx and then launched for Georgetown/Sussex County. Headwinds for the short hop with indicated speeds around 100-108 and ground speed 81 knots. I made my position calls and landed on runway two two soft and short. Fuel was $4.50 a gallon with an added ten cent a gallon discount for eating at the restaurant.  I took on 20 gallons for $88. Jeff, Scott and Bryan landed in the Saratoga, that is one bad ass sounding plane. Bob soon followed in the Cessna 172.

We grabbed a table and enjoyed the buffet. Good eats and great company! Scott bought lunch today....Thanks Scott!
We all went out to look at our planes and on the way I was stopped by a man who reads my blog. We had met before and he said he always reads the blog and noted he used a link for medical info that I had posted.  Glad to be of service, thanks for reading!
We all said our goodbyes and headed for our rides. I taxied out behind Jeff and launched when he was away. Great tail wind for the hop home even if it did make for a bumpy ride. I swapped calls with a Cardinal and fell in number two for landing on runway three two. The cardinal didn't like his attempt and went around, I nailed another landing and taxied clear.


Chris said...

Looks like a perfect morning. After a month, I'd say you were due! Give it a few more weeks and I might be more comfortable leaving the area - maybe we could meet halfway again.

Gary said...

Sounds like a plan! Mary and I will be headed to AVP in April or early May so maybe a breakfast meet up would work out.