Sunday, November 15, 2015

Breakfast with my Bride

Mary and I decided on a quick hop for breakfast this morning up the coast and across the Delaware Bay to Cape May NJ.  I had turned on the preheats last night in case the Woodbine crew wanted to meet up.  We had the plane out and started, ready to enjoy the gorgeous morning before we heard a word from any of our friends.
I launched off of three-two and made a right turn out north east. I made sure Mary had the coastal view as we climbed to five point five. As we passed over Fenwick Island Delaware I could look up the Bay and see the Salem NJ nuclear cooling tower puffing away.  The distance was seventy four miles!
We watched the Cape May Lewes Ferry cross as we started down for the airport.  I did a few S turns to help and eventually entered a left base for two-eight. As I turned final I saw a plane taxi to the hold short, I was on high alert. I made another call on final just to make sure he heard me and hopefully saw me.  I make it a habit that if there is a plane landing and I'm holding short I let then know I have them on final and WILL hold short for them.  I made a sweet landing and rolled off the taxiway right in front of the terminal.
When we walked into the terminal the place was packed!  Not an empty seat in the house, literally. I had to grab two chairs off a stack so Mary and I had a place to sit while we waited. When we checked in we even said we would take two at the counter if we had to. Two seats opened up at the counter and after a short wait we were seated. I had cream chipped beef on rye toast with pork roll and Mary had a cup of CCB with one egg and toast.
We were both full when we headed out the door, the lobby area was still flooded with people waiting to eat. I did a quick walk around then fire up for home. I circled over cape may and did some climbing S turns between the lighthouse and the ferry terminal until I reached sixty five hundred for crossing.
The headwinds we had getting here were now pushing us home, it was very nice. Heading south I kept just offshore so Mary could once again enjoy the view. I made my position calls and crossed over midfield at two point five then circled back for a forty five for runway three-two. I coordinated with a Cirrus and followed him in, I was number two to land.

Great eats at the Flight Deck and always fun flying with my Bride!

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