Friday, April 29, 2016

Just Needed To Blog

I haven't been in the air since April 7th, I really do need some flight time. The new job has kept me busy.  Since I have no electric to my field office I come home and do my computer work....thus no flying. After going through email and printing out reports and updating the project books it's time for dinner and then I don't feel like heading to the airport. Poor Ziva girl hasn't enjoyed her typical airport runs in a few days and the weather hasn't helped much.

I'm planning to head to the airport in the morning to tug 08Romeo out for some flight time. I'll stay in the pattern or practice area until I shed some rust then maybe file and climb into the cloud cover for a few approaches. We shall see what the day will bring.
I have a few things I want to do to the new to me work truck. I have a few carpet samples to match and then I'll order new carpets.  The previous owner was a smoker and there are a few burn marks, so I want to freshen it up. The smoke smell is noticeable when the truck is sitting closed up in the heat.  The headliner was already replaced by the dealer so I'm doing the carpets. The seats have been cleaned and are in really good shape. I already received my new floor mats and they fit very nice.
We said so long to the VW Cabrio, the airport buggy will be missed. It was fun cruising Ocean City with the top down and it provided transportation to and from the Motor Home when we first spent summers here at the beach. Over the years the dogs also enjoyed the ride.
Maggie, gone but not forgotten...she loved to fly too.



Jim and Sandie said...

That's how I feel with my hitch itch. And watching everybody leave the park doesn't make it any easier. Puppies love to ride.

Ann said...

Electricity is so yesterday! Make yourself a wi-fi hotspot, charge up your laptop/ipad/phone, and you're all set. You can recharge in the truck if need be. You might have to buy a gadget or two but basically you're set. Ask your wireless provider to set you up.

Gary said...

Yes, I have the lap top set up for work and use it in my truck for now. I have a hot spot with a Verizon connection via the USB port. Waiting on the contractor to complete the field office set up.

My title is a bit misleading....It should read need to blog about flying! The wx has been so crappy that I haven't been in the air since April 7th. The weather is looking better for this weekend!

Chris said...

Well, the good news is that, when you have the time and the weather clears up, 08R will be ready and waiting for you!